Monday, December 16, 2013

Where am I???

Baking is where I am................ baking and baking and more baking.......

Details to follow - I promise !!  W is smiling btw - he's the official Christmas cookie tester.


  1. So far all the samples have been wonderful, even the shortbread ones that were a tad browner than she wanted, but they still tasted WONDERFUL....

    Oh, call the diabetic people to be on stand by when the levels go higher than normal....


  2. @Sir - a tad browner????!!! black is not the new brown Sir trust me!!!

    AND I have proven - more or less - it is not me - it's the damn oven..... I want my Montreal oven (pout)

  3. Anonymous3:41 pm

    You sound like you are having fun. I hope you will share pictures of some of the naughtier holiday treats. Yum Yum!


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