Monday, December 02, 2013


I thought that perhaps over the next few days / weeks - I would post pictures of decorations around here.... give you a little insight into my decorating/photography skills and how well my Christmas spirit is holding up (or not)

W would tell you that my Christmas spirit was pretty rocky this weekend.  I seemed to do a lot of crying.  I was trying to decorate the house.  This has been a special family event for about 10 years now.  The grandkids would come over - decorate granny's house, bake/make gingerbread cookies/houses/ do crafts - just spend a fun day with granny (and W of course) giving me a good dose of the Christmas spirit.

This year there were no grandkids.  W tried (god how he tried) to organise with youngest daughter to get the boys here for a weekend.  BUT I put my foot down.  I just felt it was too much driving for a couple of hours and I just didn't feel prepared to have them... didn't have any idea where I was gonna put stuff............ didn't feel much like making gingerbread anything....... AND this past weekend was really the only weekend that would work.  (it all made sense to me!)

So I set about to do it by myself.  I didn't even put Christmas music on - or find some soppy Christmas movie to watch while I decorated.  I just opened boxes and dragged stuff up.  And felt sad.  And cried.  And I kept saying to myself (it became almost a mantra) "the first Christmas is always the worst - next year will be better" 

Anyway................ getting back to the opening paragraph about posting pictures...... Last week I bought W an early Christmas present.  He had seen it in the Hallmark store and I could tell he loved it - it is - after all - his Christmas hero!   I bought him the "Grumpy in the Fridge Grinch"  
He says things like "I have no time for HO HO HO so take your food and GO GO GO"  and "Be gone with you please - there's no room for you at all - this fridge is already two sizes too small" .... well you get the idea!!

W loved it !!!  

And now he (being the Fridge Grinch - not W!) sits in our fridge - making rude comments every time I open the door.  

It's all part of Christmas - right??? Scrooges and Grinches and giggles..............     

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  1. I am trying to put into words what I want to say. I know that I am more or less a new reader to your blog but I have gone back and read many of your posts. I hope that something will click and you will enjoy the festivities of the holidays. I think you have a great outlook on life and this is just temporary. I can't imagine that you will not wake up and start singing Christmas carols


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