Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Domly One

Yesterday W commented on my less than cheery blog ............

 "Hey, how am I suppose to play Scrooge to your Christmas Angel???

The cars are all cleaned off of that nasty ice. The packages have been wrapped ( well one might not be ) and ready to go...

So, find that old Christmas cheer or I might be forced to become the Christmas angel... WHAT AM I SAYING BAH HUMBUG see what happens!!!!"

I couldn't stop laughing - W as the Christmas Angel???? Not MY Scrooge and Grinch all rolled into one!!!

But then we went shopping (after W managed to get both cars unstuck and running) and he was being silly and let me take this picture of himself....................


We are off to Montreal - I'll try to post while we're away 


  1. she might post BUTT no more of those kind of pictures!!!!


  2. lol, loving the Christmas picture , hope you both have a wonderful holiday


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