Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Tonight is the last class of my photography - end of session 2 - which is also the end of the classes offered at the University.

I still hadn't received my marks from session 1........... which being me didn't make any sense.  How did I know if I was on target - getting it - or should I be taking remedial classes?? It really was weird to me,  Usually you need a pass in any 101 class to be able to move on to the 102's.  But not in this class.  Being me - it was driving me NUTS.

So this week I fired off an email to my instructor asking for my marks from 101.  She wrote back saying the college sent the marks out - and sometimes it took them a while to do it.  

Anyway - she did send on my class average............ 85%.  Ok not bad - I could live with that.  BUT what struck home the most were her comments about my work........

" I really appreciate the intensity of your vision and willingness to pursue it--it makes for very strong work.   Quite a bit of variety too.   I'd say, keep doing what you are doing." 

I guess I did ok eh?? who knew I had "vision" (though of course that could just mean I was totally off the mark and she was finding something nice to say - diplomatic - and politically correct)

So now I wonder - where do I go from here???? Everyone is suggesting I join Photograph clubs - take workshops at the local camera shops.  BUT seriously I just don't feel ready to jump out of the nest and fly solo yet............... 

Ahh well for now I still have Christmas baking to finish - cookies to decorate and presents to wrap - photography can wait till the new year.

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  1. Ordalie4:05 pm

    Ha, ha! Very good and quite funny: you can't decrypt a possible hidden meaning unless you're a former teacher! When you suddenly find yourself on the other side of the fence, you keep wondering.
    "photography can wait till the new year." Except that you promised some photos of your baking!
    BTW, I do admire your energy!


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