Saturday, December 07, 2013

Uphill Battle

Last evening was the Christmas munch for our area.  Now to me that says "SPECIAL" munch..... to me that says "bring on the MERRY"

So I dressed in black pants with a red sweater - found my Santa Hat and Santa Coat - found a big cow bell and tied a pretty red ribbon on it.  I was set to go.

W looked at me like I had a screw loose.  Our friend (whom we were driving) sorta laughed uncomfortably.  I didn't let it deter me (much)   


So off we went,

I am here to report that Kingston is definitely the BAH HUMBUG capital of the world.  Most of the attendees looked at me like I had a screw loose.  The drunks at the pub were the only ones who kinda got it.............though I am wondering if they even remember the Santa this morning............

I am fighting an uphill battle it would seem - to bring some Christmas Spirit to this part of the world.

I am beginning to wonder if I have it in me - to fight the good fight of Christmas.......... it may be - by the end of this first Christmas, that I too will be saying 'bah humbug' and mooning the whole happy season.


  1. I have learned that my celebration is mine. I celebrate to please myself. I celebrate in ways that are meaningful to me, and I avoid those people and places and events that I find jarring or in opposition to MY mood and my peace and my sense of joy.

    I don't know how that might apply to you and your situation, but perhaps it is a thought... what do you celebrate at this season? Why? How? If you come to know the answers to those questions, perhaps you will be less likely to be knocked down by outside factors.

    Hugs and Joyful Days...

  2. it was our local party last night. I went in a red crushed velvet skater style dress edged with white fur, a matching pair of long fingerless gloves, red shoes, white stockings, a jaunty christmas hat set at an angle on a band on my head and red bauble earrings. I looked the bees knees! so NO, you're not the only one wanting to do christmas! *BLEEEEP* the spoilsports - you go for it girlie!!!


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