Friday, December 20, 2013

As promised.......

We were up at the crack of dawn today.  W headed out to Toronto by train (thank god  - considering we are suffering through freezing rain and snow and more freezing rain today)  to try and sort out (finally) his sister's body.  Get her released and sent down to us in Kingston.  

I was left at home - so I decided to put the time to good use and finish off the Christmas baking/decorating.  

AND I promised you guys pictures of the goodies........... 

Ready?? here we go..................

W's absolute favourite - scotch shortbread

My girls favourite - sandwich cookies - make a base cookie (I  use sugar cookies) then put favourite jam in the middle -

Then ice and decorate - btw - those are supposed to be holly - use your imagination!!

Then I made brown sugar and cinnamon cookies

Some snickerdoodles - square cause I packed them too tightly onto the cookie sheet

some one bite cupcakes 

and finally - I make homemade cinnamon bread for the family - but also as gifts for friends 

Now I am off to wrap up gifts.......... and then god willing I will be ready.............



  1. you mean there is Canadian shortbread??

  2. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Great Job! Your sugar cookies remind me of my mother's home made peanut butter cookies.I haven't made them in years - something I will do before the end of the year. Hope all went well for W. Blessings.


  3. BDSM and baking, what's not to like :-)

    P. S. What the heck are snickerdoodles, they look good, but not heard of them this side if the pond.


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