Thursday, December 12, 2013

Continuing Drama

Well it is Thursday today.  On Monday W did hear from one social worker  whose only interest was getting his sister's body moved asap.  (she was the hospital social worker)

On Tuesday W did manage to contact the Toronto social services who were supposed to look into the whole police thing as they (the police) have not bothered to contact W at all - despite emails - phone messages and two faxes in a pear tree  (tra la la la la).  He was also informed that the hospital had moved his sister's body - we can only assume to the morgue.    W was lead to believe that someone would contact him yesterday - Wednesday -  with information about the apartment and our gaining access to it.

Because you see - W needs a whole mess of paperwork - like a birth certificate - to be able to claim his sister's body.  Remember this is the sister who cut ties 30 years ago........ we are supposed to know where her birth certificate is??!!! (fingers crossed it is in the apartment with her other papers)  

IF W can retrieve the needed paperwork from the apartment - the Toronto social worker says she can transfer the file to Kingston and we can work from here to get the body transferred and buried without another trip to Toronto (now that would be very nice indeed)

So tomorrow we are heading up to Toronto.  W had scheduled a trip up there earlier this month.  Northbound leather is having a big sale on leather pants and kilts - and he wanted to see if he could purchase either a kilt or leather pants.  We will simply add a trip to the apartment (god willing) into our day.

On a brighter more Christmasy note - yesterday we were out running messages - and found this cute lil reindeer and real Christmas tree in Costco.  

I don't know why - but he reminded me of the "Elf on the Shelf" that I bought the grand kids a few years back.  So we picked him up and brought him home - and he now sits center stage on the dining room table..........he makes me smile - and smiling is always a good thing!!!   

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    Stay strong, continue to support each other - God's speed.


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