Monday, December 09, 2013

I didn't know what to name today's blog............ it's not really even my story to tell.........but it impacts W therefore it impacts me............... 

Let me start at the beginning and be as concise as possible..........

W had a sister.  She broke all ties with the family over 30 years ago.  Just walked out the door and disappeared.  No one - not his parents or him - knew where she was.  Oh W had an idea - but no one really knew.  AND no one heard from her - for 30 years.

Then about a year ago W got a message from his sister on facebook.  We both looked at each other and thought (if not said) she's come looking for money.  But money was never mentioned - she wanted "to touch base".  So W told her both of their parents had died.  He had moved to Kingston - she didn't share much - mostly just that she was living in Toronto.

The messages between them were pretty sporadic.  Then in September I think it was - she wrote to W and asked for money.  She said she had cancer - needed to have surgery in December and couldn't have the surgery/treatment unless she had money - a lot of money.  W questioned her on this.......... we do after all have free health care.  Turned out she had debts to pay. 

W did a lot of soul searching.  He offered her a generous amount (not what she wanted - but still !!)  and she got a little pissy - laid on a guilt trip - and W stuck to his guns.... this was what he was willing/ could afford to give her.  Finally he sent her a cheque for the amount he promised.

She cashed the cheque - BUT - he never heard from her - not even a thank you.

That was about a week ago.  On Friday night we came home from a Christmas munch and there was a message on the machine.  Some woman in Toronto had called....turned out she was a friend of W's sister.  She had called to say W's sister had died on Friday...with no will.

She never had surgery - or treatments - she went into palliative care in December.

To make matters worse - she had a partner - who - according to this friend - committed suicide on Tuesday in their apartment and the police had sealed the apartment.

Saturday W got in touch with the hospital and the police.  W is still waiting to hear from both of them............... that in itself throws me.  Hospitals that don't respond to "next of kin"??? Police can't find a few minutes to answer questions???

We have no idea what we do now. We sat and waited all weekend.  We don't do well with sit and wait.

Please keep us in your thoughts - this looks like it could be a rough week.


  1. Hugs and prayers to both of you....
    hugs abby

  2. This is bad. I am thinking of you two.


  3. I'll be praying for you both and sending good thoughts your way. What a mess, I'm so sorry you and W have to go through this.

  4. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Take heart, you and W are blessed to have each other during this challenging time. Together you can triumph over all adversity. You are in my prayers.

  5. Oh my! I can't even begin to imagine how you sort all of that out, let alone know how to think about it all...
    Gentle hugs and strong energies to you both.


  6. Sending both you and W warm wishes and hope that everything gets sorted out without added turmoil.

  7. this sounds bad. Just a thought... Is it worth consulting a lawyer, to find out where W stands, in law?

    hope this sorts itself out to the best possible conclusion for you both...



  8. alyson1:22 pm

    Sending good thoughts. I hope that W gets some answers soon.

    I think keth's suggestion of possibly consulting a lawyer is a good one.

  9. How awful!
    Sending all kinds of warm wishes and good thoughts for a swift resolution for W and for you.
    I am sorry for his loss as well.
    Close or not, she was still his sister.

  10. i just read this....and hugs to both of you. i hope the matter is now resolved ( as much as it can be) and your One and you are able to have a peaceful holiday xx (((hugs)))


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