Tuesday, December 03, 2013


My photography class is down to the last 3 classes.  So far I have enjoyed it and found it  moderately challenging.  On one of the class photo shoots my teacher told me she found that I had a "creative spark" and she didn't want to put limits on it.

She said I was drawn to linear shapes and she wanted to let me run with that.  In my head I poohed poohed that - after all I had taken a pot of yellow mums at the cemetery hadn't I?? 

But then I went back and looked at my "pot of yellow mums"

and there it was clear as day (when I really looked at it ) nice neat rows and lines. 

Then we went to Portsmouth Harbour, and I was NOT going to take pictures of lines and shapes - I'd show her!!!!  But even concentrating on NOT taking shapes and lines I still took..............

Well this last assignment has got me stumped.  We are to select 4 qualities (such as soft - linear - mystery etc) and take 3 different shots for each quality!!   Usually I have taken the pictures long before the assignment was due. 

Not this time.  I have only completed one quality "soft" - I am not worried about linear as it would seem I can knock those out without even thinking about it................ 

This is what I have for "soft" ( and please note - these pictures are not edited in anyway - I just tweaked the settings - though I did add a nylon stocking over the lens for the middle picture.


I have one mystery pic....................

and that's it............... class is tonite ............... hopefully she won't have time to get to my assignment... which will give me another week to get it completed............. fingers crossed.

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  1. Ordalie11:13 pm

    A nylon stocking? God, so simple! And the result is perfect!


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