Friday, November 18, 2011


There is a HUGE event coming to the Great White North next weekend... Torture Garden.

When I first heard the hype - and the name of the event - TORTURE Garden - I was curious.  It seemed to me it might be something fun for a masochist to attend.   Torture is a good word to capture the imagination of any masochist (and probably Sadist, too) 

Then I read the advertising - the hype - and I realized everyone must define torture differently.  And then I was talking with someone who told me they were trying to get the organisers to agree to having a play night..... squeezed in ... in between all the fetish shows.  

Shows???? I immediately shook my head and backed off.... I don't wish to watch the pretty people prancing around in their latex and leather and all sorts of fet wear.  I don't wish to watch shows of make believe ........ This holds no thrill for me.

The latest news is they are actually going to hold a play party- squeezed into the club holding all these shows and loud music and dancing.  And I knew this wasn't the event for me .......... My BDSM is not squeezed in between dancing twirling bodies, and weird almost alien shows on stages - nor do I wish to suffer through a play scene that has music so loud there is absolutely no chance for interaction between W and myself.... 

Then the icing on the cake was when I over heard a conversation last weekend - where a 20 something was telling another 20 something how they were going to be a DM (dungeon monitor)  at Torture Garden.  I nearly fell over....... I am sure my jaw dropped. And that sealed the deal - there was/ is NO way in hell I am gonna ask W if we can go.  

No offense to this 20 something - she is excited to be a part of this huge event... her head is swelling I can see it....... 

 BUT honestly folks - between all the hollywood type shows being offered - between the loud music and the offering a play space like bread crumbs to us players who define Torture as something done to OUR bodies - and between 20 somethings being used as DM's I think I will stay home.   I will be almost a $100 richer - I will be less stressed - AND I won't go deaf.

Maybe I am more old leather (cheeky grin) ...... where my leathers (metaphorically speaking) are worn and comfy and old ........ where my desires lie in LIVING it .,,, not watching it.......... and the techno side of this lifestyle I love is best left to the 20 somethings who have no clue what I am talking about.


  1. Hmmm .... a "show"?
    Doesn't sound like much fun .... just an excuse to "play a part".

    No thanks.

  2. I had originally wanted very much to attend this event, mostly based on one of the people who will be "performing" who I would love to see in action. However, apart from the incredibly steep cost, the strict thematic dress code (without which you will be refused admission, even if you've paid) means another cost I can't shoulder, and I share your concerns regarding the DM'ing. I like playing dress-up as much as the next person, but I'm not a fan of the strutting.


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