Monday, November 28, 2011

Nothing to See - Move along

No matter how exciting the holiday season is.......... no matter how much I love it....... there are the mundane things that must be done - BEFORE - the fun starts.  

So this weekend was me and the lil condo - cleaning.... scrubbing.. polishing... preparing.

There were cobwebs where there shouldn't have been cobwebs!!  I think that was my biggest shock.  The lil condo had cobwebs !!  And not one or two........ but hundreds of them !!!  (ok ok I exaggerate - but there were a lot !!)

And Friday night as I climbed into bed my eyes strayed upwards ...... to the ceiling fan.... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT????   I threw back the covers and stood on the bed to get a better look........... MY GOD ........ the top of the fan blades were covered - 2 inches deep - in dust and cat hair!!!  What the devil has miss ashes been doing while I am out of the house??!!  throwing parties - swinging from the chandeliers (so to speak)???

On Saturday while I was clearing out rooms to clean - I glanced up at the china cabinet and my prized silver was tarnished.... TARNISHED!!  I was sure I just cleaned it... didn't I just clean it???? ummmmmm yeah I did....... last spring.  

As I mopped the dining room floor - after cleaning ALL the silver - I noticed foot prints all over the floor - from the back door to the living room - to the kitchen - everywhere !!  When was the last time I washed the hardwood floors????? oh yeah - must have been last spring !!!

By the time I collapsed exhausted Saturday night........ the floors had been washed - the rugs vacuumed - the silver cleaned - the fan cleaned - the cobwebs were gone.  And I had managed to put all the every day knick knacks away so the tables are bare and ready for Christmas.  I had dragged the Christmas tree up from the basement and set it up complete with the candle lights - put the garland around the china cabinet - took down the garland around the china cabinet (the lights wouldn't light and I never really liked it anyway) - put the garland up around the mantle - hung my Christmas fairies (that no one BUT no one touches except for me) and then ........ re-vacummed the lower level .. AGAIN... because of all the artificial needles littering the floors/rugs.  (Artificial needles stick like glue to whatever they touch - floor, furniture, rugs......... too bad they don't stick as well to the damn tree / garland !!)

Sunday morning I finished up the odds and sods I hadn't finished on Saturday - like finding / organizing all the Christmas gifts I have bought...... worked on the accounting program (which I still don't get!!)  and even managed to give myself a much needed manicure - had a shower and was out of the house by 1:00 pm to pick up eldest daughter to go out to the Island for baby grandson's second birthday ............ (oh yeah late Saturday night I did manage to find some birthday paper and wrap up the birthday gifts)

Then it was home in time for dinner - put my pjs on and watched the Grey Cup game - which ran way past my bedtime - but it was a GOOD game and I couldn't not watch it !!!

Finally I climbed into my lil bed - satisfied the house is ready - or as ready as it is going to be - for next weekend.  That's when the 3 grandkids come to granny's house to decorate for Christmas.  

I DO love the holidays - it's just - well - it seems to be mostly vanilla - thank goodness there is one play party between now and the 25th and one more munch........a girl needs some distractions from the mundane - dontcha know!


  1. the third time we must have been thinkin on the same things just opposite sides of the webs and silver oh well just remember the little guy in red carries a whip that should get you through your mundane time. LOL Ho HO HO

  2. Ok, today I hate you a little bit....

    Happy Tourettes Monday.. Filled with random swearwords and twitches...

  3. OMG, I am always shocked at where I find animal hair. And celimg fans are a pain in the ass. Just when it seems like you've got everything all clean, yiubfind it dirty again?

    I love reading about the vanilla side of other kinksters. Almost more than reading kink posts!

    Have a great season!


  4. Ordalie10:59 pm

    I felt quite exhausted after reading all you've been doing last week-end.

  5. I love hearing the mundane too. I just wanna know where are the pics? You always have good pics. Although I did get a great mental image of you standing on the bed checking out the fan dust LOL.


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