Monday, November 07, 2011

Quiet time

I have been fighting with this 'bug' that crawled into my body for a week now.  Saturday I was exhausted - even after a good night's sleep. W had a train show to go to... I had toyed with the idea of tagging along - but realized Saturday morning I just didn't have the energy.  Better he went on his own and enjoyed the show - rather than have me listlessly following behind.

I told him - via email - that I would cook up a new Italian sausage recipe for supper.  That meant - brilliant me - that besides getting the laundry done - I had to run out to the grocery store and pick up ingredients.  I also decided - after taking a look around the house - that it needed sprucing up - at the very least it needed a good vacuuming.  

So while W was wandering around a train show I was running around getting organised........ not exactly a quiet resting day.  By the time W showed up I was glad to sit down..... and just veg.  

By the time dinner was over (oh and I wasn't all that impressed with the new sausage recipe - think I will be going back to the tried and true one I have) I was pooped.  In my mind I knew I wanted to play a little bit - knew W would want to play.......... BUT I wasn't sure I had the energy for a whooping.

Sounds funny eh........ saying I didn't have the energy for a whooping?? But truth be told - even though I am usually just "hanging" around - it does take a lot of energy.  The body works hard to process the pain - and of course I do do my subbie jig..... So I was running all sorts of scenarios through my head....... and hit on needle play.  Yup - that would fit the bill - I could just lie on the floor still as still can be - while W stuck needles in me........ weaving out a pattern.  

When W asked if I was ready for a whooping..... I hesitated - not quite sure how to bring it up....... Finally I just blurted out that I wanted needles - that he had done needles on k last weekend...... and I missed needles - let's do needles !!!

So in no time flat the needle kit was on the table - I was lying on the floor on my snuggly blanket with pillows ......... ready for the first prick of the first needle.  

Truthfully I didn't even feel the first one go in.......... BUT the second one...... OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN !!!!! I felt that one........... felt it going through the first hole and coming out the second......... even felt it while W was getting ready to put  the next one in.  And the next one hurt like hell too.......... and I tried everything to deal with it.. kept moaning to myself quietly that I as a f**king masochist - this should be MY thing.......... didn't help.  By the time the 3rd needle was in ....... I was a blubbering mess of tears.  

W said "want me to take them out??" and I could barely answer him for the crying.  Even after the 3 stupid needles were out I was still blubbering..... sobbing........ body shaking sobbing. 

W kept murmuring soft reassuring words "I had been sick ...... it was ok.... my body was weak and tired" on and on like a mantra - soft reassuring words - all the while he was stroking my back and my body - letting the storm run it's course - letting me know I hadn't done anything wrong. 

Once I had composed myself - some - and we had talked over what went wrong....... I asked in this quiet little frightened voice if we could try the new dragon's tongue toy.  W obliged almost immediately!!  He had me stay on the floor snuggled on top of my wooly blanket with pillows under my head...I was still snuffling like a big Mr Snuffleupagist - when the first lash from the dragon's tongue struck.  I realized W was going very slow and very easy on me.  He even muted the television so that there were no distractions........ 

Slow easy strokes from the dragon's tongue......... my body started to relax and move with the strokes....... the muscles started to unclench and my mind went in search of my fairies..... 

Then W ratcheted it up a bit........ and I was back to white knuckling the pillows - thinking I couldn't do this........ but then W would ratchet it down some.... and the body would relax...... up and down went the intensity - until - it all felt good...... and my mind went to that place where my 4 year old lives........ and all was right with the world.  Though my 4 year old told W that I didn't like the dragon's tongue at all!! (small stamp of foot ) and it had a nasty lil knot on the end... and it hurt... and (pout pout pout) I didn't like it all... and W said in his soft quiet voice "so you are telling me you want more??" and the lil 4 year old said "yes" and so it all started over again.................

That is until W was pushing my legs apart and kneeling between them and I felt his hands playing with me - finding my wetness - encouraging it.......... and then........... well then I was lying in puddle - feeling my cum spurting out of me...... ughhhhhhhh I hate that feeling....... well no I don't actually hate it..... let's just say it is a love/hate thing..... This aptitude I have for soaking through everything - is one of the reasons that most of our play - at home - involves huge thick towels - or big snuggly blankets .....

And I realized that in a moment - with the right handling - emotions can change from tears to smiles ............. And the whole evening of play was declared a success  !!

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  1. I hear ya on being sick. It sucks when the body just won't comply with what your heart wants to do. :(

    But it sounds like it all worked out! Hope you are feeling better now!!



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