Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seasonal Songs...

I know even the hardest of heart Grinches love the music at Christmas.  There is an American radio station that starts playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving.  W found it a few years ago - I remember being surprised because most Canadian stations (well the ones I listened to ) didn't start until at least December 1st.  

W is a Grinch and a Scrooge all rolled into one.......... (that's what he says - though last weekend he brought the Xmas tree and decorations down and has already put the decoration up on his front door - and he always gets his shopping done and gifts wrapped long before the appointed hour - but I always believe what W tells me - cheeky grin)

I was thinking the other morning as I drove to school through rain .. RAIN... listening to the Christmas music station playing "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" that music is part of what I love about Christmas - but I also love the decorating - the lights - the finding just the right gift for everyone (if I manage that then I consider Christmas to be a success) - the baking..... (ok maybe I lie about that one - don't much like doing the baking - but do love having all sorts of food for family and friends) - the magic of the season.

While I was qualifying what I love about Christmas - one bit stuck like a bit of fluff to my mind - music.  And I questioned why it is I like the music so much.  

I will explain........ most of the Christmas music makes me either teary eyed or downright cry.  Now how happy and cheerful and Christmasy is that??? a crying celebrant??? I started to question why so much of this seasonal music makes me cry.......... 

If we discount what Aunty Olive always said about me - that my bladder was too close to my eyeballs - then what is it that makes me cry........ And I think I have the answer.  If you really listen to the words - or the thought behind the song - they are NOT happy songs.

Take the worst song for making me cry..........

"I'll Be Home For Christmas" is about someone dreaming of coming home for Christmas.  In my mind there is nothing sadder than not being with family and loved ones at Christmas.  It makes me think of all the family and friends who won't be coming home for Christmas this year........ and trust me my personal list is a long one..... so every time I hear that particular song my eyes will well up - hell if I am alone - I will have a good old fashioned heart breaking cry....... over a song !!!

I am wondering ........... am I alone in this ??? Or is there a Seasonal song that makes you all teary eyed.  Wanna share which one??? Trust me - it will probably be on my list too.......... 


  1. I only do the Xmas thing for others or I will never hear the end of it and I get yelled at enough during the year.

    I will admit though for some strange reason I do enjoy listening to Christmas music ☺

    So, since I am always early for things at Christmas>>>> BAH HUMBUG!!!

    Scrooge W

  2. Some of them do make me teary eyed. I have found many heartfelt songs anymore do that to me. I guess it's getting older, cuz I am generally NOT an emotional person.

    There are a couple that are religious that make me tear up. One song in particular, one I actually never cared much for, hit me when day when I really, really thought of what it meant. (Please, no religious debate from others - I rarely express my beliefs in the kink forum because it doesn't fit, but it pertains to the question so I am answering).

    I have been estranged from my faith for quite awhile now for reasons I'll not go into. But I haven't let go entirely, and the song "Mary Did You Know?" used to be one I was ambivalent about. (still kinda am)BUT, the part of the song that talks about
    "The blind will see.
    The deaf will hear.
    The dead will live again.
    The lame will leap.
    The dumb will speak"

    I used to just let that go in one ear and out the other, then one day the meaning really struck me. I mean, really struck me. I have a disabled child. I have loved ones who are dead and gone. I grew up in church and heard all the stories about Jairus' daughter, Lazurus, the dead man who was dumped into Elijah's grave and when he touched his bones, he (the dead man) leaped to life. Of those who were sick, maimed, crippled with REAL afflictions being healed. You get so conditioned to that, that it just....doesn't compute.

    So I began to think about - wow, my grandmother, dead and gone, buried forever. What kind of amazing shock would it be if she was made to live again, when we were all so sad at her passing? How unbelievable, yet if it happened....the power behind it. My child, if he was healed, if someone came and touched him and he was whole, what that would mean.

    So now (even while typing it), I can't even hear that song in the background, when it gets to that part, without starting to cry. Pretty embarrassing in a way, I was in a store in Franklin, TN and it came on and I had to leave (yeah, that's me, running away from conviction and emotion!) lol

    Anyway, that is one and that is WHY. :)


  3. Ordalie11:34 pm

    For me it's the music of Amazing Grace, a song I discovered in American films. No one knows it here.

  4. Anonymous12:06 am

    Actually, it's "I'll Be Home for Christmas," that does it to me, too.

    My mother, father, and younger sister are all gone now, so it's impossible to ever again be with my childhood family for Christmas.



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