Tuesday, November 22, 2011

VBA award

I received a VBA (Versatile Blogger) award from a hidden slave........she embarassed me by saying:
  morning star: what a strong woman, in so many ways , she has inspired me, given me strength and yet she does not take herself too seriously.

Honestly - I am embarrassed !!  But pleased to think that someone out there thinks that of me (geeeeeeeeez - my PR is working eh?? LOL)

Anyway.......... from what I can gather this award is a way of introducing folks to some new blogs you haven't stumbled across on the net - yet.

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself..... 

  ugh don't you guys know all there is about me??? what more can I say that I haven't said in over 1800 blog entries??!!!
Ok let me try....... and if you have heard it before .. well it sucks to be you.. (cheeky grin)

1)  I am a hard cover book snob - who has been converted to Kobo (digital books)
2) At one time I was known as "bondage granny"
3)  I love post-it notes - and have them plastered just about everywhere
4)  I use an old fashioned bulletin board - and agenda - to keep track of all my "stuff" instead of the new digital smart phones/Ipads/ electronic gizmos
5)  I love the colour RED
6)  I work hard and play harder....... 
7)  I LOVE ... LOVE.... LOVE Christmas !!!

Now as for passing this along to 15 other bloggers???!!!  Seeing as I am a day late and a dollar short...... most of the blogs I read have already been nominated ...multiple times.... so I am going to take the easy way out and point to the left hand column and suggest you go read any and all of those blogs....... each and everyone of them are versatile bloggers that have in one way or another touched my life........ 

There are two new blogs up on my lists - one is Slave Interrupted ...... and she might well enjoy having some new readers - and a bit of a cheering section......... The other one is And All I loved - she is a brand spanking new blogger - a law student here in the Great White North and sweet kid (and yes she is a KID - hell I have children older than she is) but she is well worth a look see......

And then when you're done taking a look see - raise a glass to all us bloggers who write with or without receiving awards.......... take that giant step from private to public ... who dare to tempt the god's (and anonymous commenters) by writing from the heart ...... what's in our hearts !!


  1. I love #6... work hard, play harder... that is so me too!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. An other Gold Star...

  3. Well deserved lovely lady, well deserved! =)

  4. I love red too. Thanks for sharing. I must check out the two new bloggers you mentioned.



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