Saturday, November 26, 2011

morning star

i am sitting here at 4 something AM listening to the silence - complete silence.... even the house is not creaking. 

There is something about this hour  that I love.  The silence is so complete .. so total.. it seems to blanket the house with peace and tranquility.  

This is more "my" time than any other time in the day.  The phone will not ring... the dogs do not bark.. the car engines do not idle... the silence is complete and total and silent.

The bedside lamp casts shadows in the hallway - the monitor from the pc lightens up the space around my desk........ the quiet seeps into every corner.  Even lil miss ashes doesn't stir but sleeps on... cuddled up on the corner of the bed........

This quiet time does more to renew my spirit than any other time of the day ... or night.  My body slowly wakes and stretches - my mind flows at will from one mundane thing to another... sometimes a profound thought will flitter past my consciousnesses and move on.. leaving a ghost of a whisper behind.

This is my quiet before the storm......... the storm of schedules and jobs and promises ... this is my time when I am renewed... when I am able to soak in the simple joy of just being here.   

This is why I am now and have always been "morningstar"

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  1. Ordalie9:59 pm

    Same for me! It is exactly 4 a.m here and as always I start the day with your blog.


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