Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lucky lucky me!!!!

Just like a halloween spooky story....... last evening i was curled up on the sofa - tv going - playing my games on my laptop... feeling warm and comfy and slightly better health wise.......... 

WHEN........ (insert spooky music here)

miss ashes woke from a sound sleep - ears back - head cocked to one side - listening... I listened too but didn't hear a thing..... she got down and wandered to the edge of the sofa beside me - looking up at me ........ 

WHEN ....... (insert spookier music here)

I heard the front door opening - the alarm announcing "Front Door" and I nearly jumped out of my skin........ 

It was 7:45 pm - and no one should be breaking into the condo at that hour!!!!!

There was a brief moment (that felt a bit like a life time) of silence and then I heard "Don't freak - it's ME" 

Me being W.......... ughh slap that man upside the head!!  He was supposed to be at his train club .... he was not supposed to be breaking into the condo giving me post halloween frights

I figured he had come to check out the sickie .... i figured .... actually now I am not sure what I figured... W announced he had just come to drop something off... 

After my heart started beating again... and we had hugged and kissed (DAMN spreading my germs!!)  He handed me a box....... and said "it is your birthday present AND your Christmas present" ....... 

And I knew immediately what it was...................  

an Ereader - in colour yet !!!  

When I was in hospital last year - eldest daughter always came to visit with hers.... I wasn't all that talkative most days and often dozed off to sleep while she was there... she would pull it out and read till I woke up...... She read on the bus - on the train - anywhere and everywhere.  She sang the praises of an ereader.. light weight - convenient -  I wasn't convinced.  I am a book snob (I think I have confessed that here before) I thought I would miss the feel and smell of a book............ 

BUT the last time W and I were in the States I looked at one of the ereaders - had a salesman do a good sales job - even had a woman in the shop do an even better job of selling me on one....... and I was nearly convinced....... 

BUT ........... it wasn't something I HAD to have...... and so I elected to wait till I had some mad money hanging around - not ear marked for corsets (cheeky grin)

Well W decided no waiting necessary - and he bought one for me!!!
It is in colour - and I spent the rest of the evening ignoring the TV and the computer games - learning how to navigate the Ereader.... By the time I went to bed - I had downloaded two books........ 

Now I just have to figure out how to disguise it as part of work environment so I can read and play on it (still got all sorts of things to figure out ) 

I am a very lucky me...... very luck indeed!!!!


  1. I love my Ereader which is a Kindle. Didn't realise there was a colour Ereader out. I suppose only available in the States.


  2. We have an iPad which serves as an eReader among other things. I have three different apps for reading ebooks, and have downloaded quite a few. If I travelled more, I would find it indispensable.


  3. is on my Christmas list. Hope "Santa" thinks I have been a good girl! abby

  4. Anonymous9:27 am

    very cool!!!


  5. @ronnie, It was purchased in Canada even though it is sold in the USA too. I paid the same price that I would have in the USA except I didn't have to pay any exchange rates, duties or anything else.

    @morningstar, you can tell the people at work you are using a tablet and doing research.


  6. I too have one on my xmas list.
    Enjoy! =)

  7. I've yet to see one.

    Speaking of morningstar and tablets and Moses and never mind....

  8. I've had one for years, absolutely love it. Its a kindle. They have lots of free erotica to download. And its a cheap way to check out new authors as they publish lots of freebies everywhere. Enjoy.

  9. Anonymous11:55 pm

    I have one, a color Nook.
    Spiffy little gadget it is and much lighter than an ipad.


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