Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mid November

We have been having unseasonably warm temperatures  -  between 14 and 18 degrees celsius (which for those of you not using metic - that is approximately between 57 and 64 degrees)

Now I am not going to deny it has been heavenly - BUT - it is mid-November - and my mind is turning to Christmas - my programming at work is turning to Christmas - my shopping is turning to Christmas -   AND   -   I am finding it next to impossible to really get in the mood while I am wearing short sleeves to work - and no coat.  (even more impossible when I see some of my kids running around outside without even a sweater in shorts!!)

Yesterday I heard it ........ the first warnings of snow.  Today - well this afternoon to be specific - we are supposed to get rain ....... OR......... snow flurries.  So yesterday morning, on my break, I came home and went in search of the lil reindeer for the front garden.... the outdoor extension cord...... the snowflakes for the kitchen window and the icicle lights for over the front door.

My poor lil reindeer has seen better days.  I guess I have had him for over 5 years now.  He has stood guard over the front yard through rainy Christmases and overly snowy Christmases.  He has even been hit by the snow plow (ok ok really it was the snow from the plow - being pushed up into my front garden to clear the walk way - but still !!) 

When I put him away last spring (when I could finally dig him out of his place of honour) his front legs were broken off....... his body was twisted and mangled...... I honestly thought he had seen his last Christmas in my front garden.  

Yesterday I dragged him upstairs with all his loose and dangling bits ...... got some twist ties from the kitchen drawer - sat on the floor with him between my legs - and started mending the broken bits, and straightening out the twisted mangled bits.  

I held my breath as I plugged him in - hoping (but honestly not believing) he would light up for one more Christmas.  When I turned around from plugging him in..... there he stood in all his glory - twinkling in the morning sunshine.  He worked !!!!!!  And he doesn't look as though he has been through the winter snow wars...... oh he doesn't look new for sure !!  BUT he doesn't look mangled either. 

So I carried him outside and placed him - once again - in the place of honour in the front garden !

Christmas is coming - I know cause the lights up and the littlest reindeer is once again in the garden.

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  1. Yay for your little reindeer.
    You are welcomed to have my cold if I can have your warmth. I am having an unusually cold november. It's been 2F here today, have no idea what that is in C. I wont complain though as a town a bit north of me was MINUS 32!! And I would say it feels like christmas but at this rate it will freeze the lil balls off them elfs if they arent careful!
    The Great frozen north.. Alaskan style.


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