Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A moment in time........

I had a draining day yesterday... nothing very serious or out of the ordinary ( as the saying goes "same shit different day") Nevertheless,  I was glad to leave the noise and confusion and climb into my lil car and head home.

I didn't even put the radio on.. just drove through the darkness ... letting the day's stresses and problems leave my mind.  I was sorta / kinda driving by rote.. not paying much attention ... when I landed up behind a city bus stopped at a red light.

I don't know how long I sat there not really "seeing" anything except the darkness..... when something drew my attention to the back window of the bus.  There was a woman's profile framed in the window... and she was talking earnestly to someone out of view.  I was wondering what she was discussing so seriously and with whom.. and found myself being drawn into the one sided drama going on in front of me.

When suddenly another face popped into the window frame.. a young child laughing .. and he (or she) leaned into the woman who was talking and kissed her ...... they both laughed .... 

The light turned green the bus turned the corner and my attention was drawn back to the driving and away from the bus window.......... but somehow that interlude .. that cameo of human interaction... lifted my spirits ... left me smiling and feeling that everything was all right with the world............


  1. People watching can be a reminder at times that it's not all bad. :) It serves as a great distraction as well from our own woes at times. :)


  2. Good piece, morningstar.


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