Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tiresome Tuesday

About 4 yesterday afternoon I totally gave up getting anything done at work and brought my sore achy body home.... with plans to spend today nursing myself back to health.
This morning I dragged myself off to the hair dresser to get my hair cut and decided it is way past time to find a new hair dresser.  This woman can NOT get it through her head that I don't want short and puffy... I want angles and hair that will move.  Thank god it will grow.

Then I worked on the accounting program and lo and behold I think (think being the operative word) that I might just have mastered it.  Don't cheer and applaud just yet - I probably haven't.

I have decided that I will probably live....... whatever the hell this bug is.. it isn't getting any worse (not much better either - but I haven't died and that's always a good sign). Tomorrow I will return to work....... and hopefully get some work accomplished.

Oh yeah.......... one last thing about Halloween..... a picture of me doing my best imitation of The Cat in The Hat....... with Thing 1 (my hat is as limp as I was feeling)


  1. I am sure you have got the hang of the accounting program you are a smart person.

    you make a great Cat in a Hat.


  2. Hop things are well- great costume! :)


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