Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy Bee

What a busy day I had on Saturday...........

Eldest daughter had given me an "IOU" for birthday celebrations... so we had made plans to meet up around 10:30 Saturday morning and head off to a book sale - then out for lunch.

She greeted me with a birthday present - and two cupcakes with gobs.. and I do mean GOBS - of icing on top (to replace those roses I was talking about back in October) and an invite for lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

She gave me a cane bundle - with bamboo handle.  She suggested I could hang it in my bedroom as it goes with the oriental theme... and no one would know it's real use (cheeky grin)

Now before anyone throws a fit that my daughter (actually both daughters) knows about my choice of lifestyle.. Eldest daughter identifies as Domme - and enjoys a little private play from time to time.

We had good fun at the book sale - and I knew all the profits would go to 'Rosie's' - a local animal rescue center.  I bought a couple of books and a coconut cinnamon sweet bread for W.   

Then off for lunch... which was a great adventure.  We decided to try dim sum.  Neither of us had ever had it..... so we picked items off the menu - without really knowing what we were getting......... and sat back and enjoyed chatting while we waited for lunch.  I have to honestly say I don't think Dim Sum is for me... but it was fun trying it.

After dropping daughter at home I took off and met up with W and drakor for a long delayed and missed coffee klatch at the local Tim Hortons.  It was good catching up on the news - and I had some fun giving him the gears to get his ass in gear so we can take him to some play parties (drakor has been having a couple of health issues recently)

Then W dropped drakor off home and met up with me here at the condo for a brief rest before heading off for a munch.  

I always enjoy munches  - especially now I don't have to organize them.  Lots of new folks showed up and the usual friends.  We spent a delightful 6 hours lingering over Indian food - and good conversation.

Sunday was laundry day for me.. and vegging out with W until W packed up and headed off home - just as the Eastern finals of our football came on.  I spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa watching my second choice team (the Alouettes lost last weekend) lose miserably.  And then watching the Western finals.  Honestly - 6 hours of football ???!!!  

The laundry is folded and put away - the games are over till next weekend - the week stretches ahead of me - filled to the brim with 'stuff' and long hours...... and Christmas looms a month away............ busy bee might be my new persona.


  1. I enjoy the get-togethers too, when I don't have to organize them! I mean, I enjoy the one I DO organize, but it's mostly WORK, with fun mixed in. When I go to others get-togethers, it's all fun! :)

    As for your daughter, you know when people have healthy relationships with their kids once they're adults, and see them AS adults, then it's not that weird. My parents know, and my mom gave me handcuffs once based on her knowledge. I didn't tell her, she snooped and found out. I didn't act like a 14 yr old caught in something when she did find out. I shrugged and was like, 'well, when you snoop, you find things you don't wanna know. I don't wanna hear anything about it.' She has respected that, and made small comments jokingly here and there. I don't give her details, she doesn't need those. But our relationship is one of adult respect.

    So many seem to get caught up in that parent/child dynamic forever, even when they're 40, their parents still act like they're 12. And they react like they're 12 around their parents. I would imagine that those who have that kind of idea about what an adult child relationship would be like with their parents might have an issue with your daughter knowing about your kink, and you about hers.

    Big deal.


    Nice update!


  2. Mmmm .... Dim Sum!
    I so miss it ...
    My favorite place is in Ottawa, and it'll be awhile before I get back up there. :(

    I adore the cane bundle ... so very pretty!
    I think it's fantastic that you & your daughters have healthy, adult relationships ... it's really very important!

    Due to medical issues, I have to push up my Christmas stuff .... and that does NOT make me happy.
    I prefer to ENJOY my Thanksgiving! =)

    Oh, and I watch 6 hours+ of football every Sunday ... I LOVE FOOTBALL!
    Sorry about your Alouettes =(
    (I can't root for BC)


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