Friday, July 24, 2009

Too much time on my hands...

i was surfing again yesterday.... baby daughter says i have way too much time on my hands... BUT .. i figure i am on summer holidays i can have too much time on my hands .. ya know?!

Anyway... for some reason i went back to FetLife.... i don't know why .. that place really does tend to get my blood pressure up....... BUT then on the other hand it gives me a little insight into how others see / live this lifestyle (well maybe not.. they might all be players .. but as i do know some "real" folks on there - like swan and kaya and Sir and Cloud i am guessing they aren't all players)

One of the groups (Masters and slaves) had a topic that caught my eye.. the question asked was "should a slave return her collar when the relationship ends?" and the second part of the question was " would you wear a collar that someone else had worn"..........

i didn't exactly see what the problem was... in my opinion yes the collar should be returned.. AND .. if a Master gives me a collar that has been used....... i don't think it would bother me..unless of course (as i said in my comment) He expected me to wear it at the same time as the girl who had it first!!! (i don't think anyone else saw the humour.......... sucks to be them!!)

Anyway.. having decided it was a semi intelligent discussion i moved on to see what other discussions were going on in this group........ the next one that struck me was a young submissive had lost her mom to cancer and she was told by her Master to .. basically.. suck it up.. be strong .. and keep smiling He didn't want to see her cry........... HUH?? excuse me!!! WTF???? i kinda think someone should give Him a lesson or two on grieving and caring.. and supporting....... and of course i said so.. politely and diplomatically but still.. it had to be said !!

Then there was one that caught my eye.. As Masters do You allow Your slaves to have sex with other doms?

Now this one caught my interest because wayyyyyyyy back at the beginning of our relationship .. Sir would - from time to time - suggest He might loan me out....... now He didn't say what for.. BUT my mind (being the dirty mind it is) figured He meant for sex as well as serving and whooping... (yes Buffalo whooping!! cheeky grin)

So i started to read...... i was amazed at the number of Doms that said yes they would loan out their submissive/slave to other Doms for sex... (does that make them Pimps?? )

The best one for making me choke on my coffee was the Dom who said that He would most definitely loan her out.. but she of course would not be allowed to cum.... unless of course He was there..........

And then the winner... the absolute WTF is this guy about ..........
He talked about fucking a slave who was owned/lived with another Dom... He gave some background on this lady....
Nevertheless, because of her personal history, she was molested by her parents since puberty, she's a natural sub and a natural slut.

and i just sat there staring at the screen getting angry..... He even went so far as to say that He believed her being used as a sexual object was therapeutic...... HUH??
i just wanted to slap Him.. and her owner........ who in their right mind thinks that a young girl is a natural slut and natural submissive because she has been molested for years???!!! Doesn't anyone think that just maybe she might need some help?? and not of the sexual kind. Isn't that a form of sexual abuse too?? or at the very least taking advantage of a skewered self image ????

So i logged off Fet Life.. decided i did have way too much time on my hands.. and moved outside to dig in my gardens.....


  1. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Sometimes these types of people don't want any help.
    You cannot change everybody. There are females like this who want to be a slut and it's fighting a losing battle attempting to turn them into something they have no interest in being.

    Therapy does not always work, that's just a fact of life.

  2. I understand.
    I am finding, on this my second foray into the realm of Fetlife, that it is good practice for me. I am trying to be mindful in my participation there. So, I read where my interest takes me, but I comment with some guidelines in mind:

    I only comment if I believe I have something useful or important to contribute.

    I work to write my responses so that they are respectful and without overt judgement. If I can't manage that, I just don't start.

    I say what I have to say, and then I shut up. I resist the urge to get dragged into wrangles or to explain myself or try and convince anyone that I am right.

    If someone says something that causes me to go "WTF? Is this person really this stupid?" I take that as a signal that it is a place that is not healthy for me to be.

    Lastly, if the convesation is already into the 3rd, 4th, or 5th page of comments, I assume that there is nothing that I can add that hasn't been said already, and so I refrain.


    My "rules" for participating in Fetlife without losing my mind.

    hugs, swan

  3. that REVOLTING exchange is EXACTLY why I lasted little more than a month there. I can't shut up at that sort of ignorance and stupidity.


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