Saturday, July 04, 2009

a little bit of Irish sunshine on a cloudy day

i hinted the other day about meeting a fellow blogger in real life for coffee....

Well the grand coffee meet was yesterday morning........ and it brought back memories from way back when .. the days of bulletin boards .. when you would make arrangements for coffee.. elaborate plans for coffee.. the day.. the time.. the exact coffee place.... and usually (we were a whole lot smarter back then) we would decide at least on some colour we would wear so we could identify each other..

As i was driving down to the coffee place.. i had butterflies... "why for god's sakes???" you ask..ahhhhh... because that is a big part of who /what i am.... (duh) .. and because this woman writes like the angels themselves are sitting on her shoulder whispering in her ear..because this woman has just got something that leaves me in awe.... besides the red hair i mean..........

And thank god she has red hair.. because for all our planning.. we didn't tell each other any thing that would help identify the other..... AND the coffee place was packed and i do mean packed !!!

i had my coffee and managed to grab a corner prime table.... and thought i saw her drive in.... black car with a flash of red hair in the window......... but then i blinked or something and she was gone... oh the car was parked - but no red hair.. .

i was glancing nonchalantly around the restaurant trying not to be too obvious.. and there she was... rounding a corner.. tall red hair flowing.. and i just knew it had to be.... SELKIE!!!

What hugs we shared.. .and oh my she IS a good hugger.. firm .. no hesitancy .. tight supporting / caring hug !!!

we talked and laughed and talked some more.. Sir managed to get away from His day to drop by for a cup of coffee...we talked about everything you can imagine.. from kids and husbands to BDSM and Midori and theories and practice.. and the hands on the clock ticked quickly by...

Sir had to leave for work...

Selkie and i stayed on for a wee bit longer... talking still.. filling in all the blank spaces that our blogs have left...

And then we couldn't deny it any longer.. the clock had run out of time and we both had to go our separate ways....

BUT not without a promise that come the fall she will be back and Sir and i will fire up the barbeque and selkie and D will come for dinner and more talk.. and more laughter..

(if you haven't a clue who "selkie" is .. check out her blog - daughter of the sea..


  1. That's lovely. I'm so pleased that you met Selkie. I can imagine your butterflies, though. I would feel the same, waiting to meet someone I only knew through blogging.


  2. And I am just jealous...

    How very very neat!

    hugs, swan

  3. I am SO jealous. Can we all get together for some bbq please??

  4. Awww, hell!

    We could host a BBQ at our place!

    We have the space, we have the grills, we have lots of floor for bodies who want to stay over...(or there are hotels nearby).

    I love to cook but the only one who eats is swan...and she would LOVE having company for dinner!


  5. sighs happily... it throughly exceeded any expectations I might have harboured - it was a GREAT meet and I am SO looking forward to future meetings! xoxoox

  6. Great that you and Selkie got a chance to meet and connect. She seemed worried you wouldn't recognize each other but I guess the flaming red hair was a giveaway.

  7. That's so awesome!
    I too am jealous, though I am happy that you were able to connect. :)


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