Friday, July 03, 2009

This 'n that

and not much of anything............

i was catching up on some blog reading this morning (don't ask me why i am up so early .. on summer vacation....... sigh.. don't even go there !!)

And i read an interesting view on forced feminisation and (my interpretation of the entry ) it is degrading to women everywhere AND a product of a lazy FemDomme... interesting thoughts.. maybe one day i will add my 2 cents to the discussion.. betcha can't wait !!

i am going out for coffee this morning... gonna go meet a fellow blogger from out of town.. who is in town obviously... i should have asked if i could talk about it publicly so i could make everyone jealous.. but i didn't (yet) so for now.. an anonymous blogger and i for coffee this morning ...

i haven't heard diddly squat about the new job and my anxiety levels are rising... the nasty lil voice is at it again.. not good enough..not young enough.. not even gonna get an interview.. gonna have to drag all those boxes back down the highway in August and settle back in to the lil office and do my lil job....

The same bad voice is trying to de-rail all my efforts of improving my attitude towards slavery........ and being the low man on the totem pole.. and accepting it.. accepting the sheer unfairness of it all.. and smile while accepting....

On a brighter note.. i have discovered the joys of early morning walks.. before the rain sets in.. or the hot sun (which we haven't seen much since i have been on holidays of course !!) i am gonna do THIS thing i refuse to call diet if it kills me !!

On the brighter note side.. i am getting a good tax refund this year.. YAHOO.. best one yet... think i have finally balanced spending with the tax man's chart and am coming out ahead.. maybe that trip to Quebec City can be done in style this September.. YAHOO again..

This 'n that and not much of anything....... but i am alive.. still trudging along.. two steps forward one back.. but i am getting there.. yay me !

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