Friday, July 17, 2009

In the early morning rain........

They said - they being the weather experts - that today we were supposed to have sunshine......... well there was sunshine when i woke at 5 .. but as you can see from the picture above it didn't last long. i am thinking we are gonna have more rain..

did i tell you i am building an ark in the basement?? just in case.. i do believe in being prepared...

Though there have been advantages to all this rain.. i have been busy working on school stuff.... and having a ball doing it too... what a difference a change makes !!
i have so many different ideas/plans/programs rolling around in my head.. it's a wonder my head doesn't explode. !!

Having all this inside time hasn't improved my libido at all.... i am one of these folks who gets horny from the hot summer sun - go figure !!! and as we haven't had much sun.. and most definitely NO hot sun... i am just muddling along... every once in a while i will get a twinge.. like Wednesday - when it was sunny all day and a bit on the warm side.. and i felt a small twinge........... BUT........ baby daughter was over for lunch.. and then we were going to the doctor's so i could meet my new grandbaby ...... (never been to an ultra sound with her before - it was exciting and fun.... so wonderful to see the lil head .. the heart beating .. and the doc even said.. "well look at that.. bladder's full ...... which made me wonder does the baby just pee into Mom's belly?? and then i had to wonder how i managed to have 2 babies and get to this ripe old age and NOT know things like that?? ) Anyway.. getting back to hot summer sun and being horny....... i did feel twinges... but i couldn't see excusing myself.. texting Sir for permission to play... playing and then going back to discuss life in general as though nothing had happened. So i ignored the twinge..

Of course Thursday didn't dawn at all.. rained... and so no twinges to react to..

All this time on my hands has had me roaming about the net rather like a nomad.. and honestly not finding anything of much interest. ........ except i did find a tarot reading site..

Ok ok .. before you all roll your eyes at me.. and move on.. let me explain.....

My grandmother was raised in a time when gypsies and tea leaf readings and tarot readings were very much the thing to do...... and believe in. She was probably the most superstitious person i have ever met!! AND as she had a large hand in raising me.. i was introduced to all these superstitions at a very young age...... and for some reason they kinda stuck. (and it's not something i admit very often either.. i hate being scoffed at)

Anyway......... getting back to my nomadic travels around the net.... this tarot site did a free reading for me............ i swear i didn't fiddle with the questions or the results till i got something that applied to me.. this is exactly what i got .. first time around........... .

Your Tarot Reading drew the Strength or Fortitude card. This card shows you that you will soon take a new control over the way you handle your life. This self contol will help you bring resolve and reconciliation to your life. You will feel a new found strength inside you after this transitional phase. Optimism, and Generosity will play a important roll.

now tell me.. if that doesn't speak to me.. to the changes in my life what does??? and you don't even have to twist it around to have it apply..... it out and out states the facts.....

So that's about it for my news.. on this cloudy threatening rain Friday morning.......


  1. Nice to read that you are feeling so upbeat, despite the weather :)


  2. I read Tarot cards.
    Have for years.
    Like astrology, they can be a wonderful tool.

    I too am having more rain.
    I will build that Ark with you.


  3. What are you takling about no sun I have a tan!

  4. truth be told, I'm not really minding the summer - its the same here in To - but as I am NOT a hot weather fan- pale skin, freckles and red hair just do NOT make for good UV! I'm liking the coolness, rain, heat sweeping in, then changeable clouds and capricious moments.

    I LOVE Tarot and was an avid fan (and used to read them) many many years ago - I would love the address for the site!

    and how cool was that ...your reading


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