Saturday, July 11, 2009


A week or so ago swan wrote a blog about fantasizing about an OTK spanking on the new leather sofa... but she also wrote about the hesitation she felt about the idea because of past problems.

That blog got me to thinking about the few times that Sir tried an OTK spanking.... it made me feel awkward, and clumsy, and miserable... i wanted to be like the woman above.. cute and sexy and squirmy. BUT that never happened.. i never knew how to exactly get over Sir's knee... and never seemed to manage it... i was kinda kneeling with my ass kinda over His knee... and my upper body laying across the sofa... not exactly my idea of OTK...

Anyway.. it happened once or twice and never again...i never found it that gratifying.. and as it hasn't happened since.. i figured Sir didn't find it gratifying either.

Until last night........ late last night...

Sir called me to come and go "over the knee" while He was sitting on the couch.... i felt the panic rising almost immediately.. HOW was i supposed to drape myself over His knee?? there was no room.. between the table holding the laptop and the end of the sofa.. where was i supposed to fit??

Ok then.. Sir moved to the ottoman... and i kinda .. sorta.. went over His knee.. BUT it felt as though more of my body was NOT over His knee than actually over His knee.. i was kinda sorta kneeling.. one arm was dangling the other arm was trapped between Sir's body and mine... and i landed up resting my chin on the hand......... (and oh my god i felt so clumsy and awkward and .. i don't know what else.. embarrassed??? - and not the good kind)

Sir started with a good hand spanking.. and almost immediately i knew this just wasn't going to go very far.. it has long been said that my ass will wear out any ... ANY.. Dom's hand... so i didn't really get into it.. just kinda wondered how long Sir's hand would last...

Sir soon had me on my knees on the floor.. ass in the air.. fucking me.. at first it hurt... then it felt good.. then it felt great... but .. unfortunately it was one of those times that it felt soooo good i didn't want it to end.. so i kept going with the feelings and didn't think about the orgasm... and .. well.... the fucking ended .. and i didn't cum.. but was still wrapped up in how good it was feeling.......

And then it was all over.... and since then i haven't been able to shake the feeling there has to be a better way to "do" OTK.. there has to be a way that works - isn't there?? a way that doesn't make an adult body feel clumsy and awkward and mismatched to the position??

After all OTK was first dreamed up as a punishment for a little body over a big lap........


  1. actually, again, I find the same issue where I feel awkward. I have found the bed works best as there is support for me both ends over his lap. Hell, you've met me - well, keep in mind D. is probably just about my height (I maintain I'm a wee bit taller LOL) - and god knows, I'm no sylph! So where does all that GO??

    I'll look forward to anyone who has come up with a good solution LOL

  2. Hmm... I've always felt awkward too, but I thought this added to the humiliation/embarrassment aspect of it and actually gave an extra intensity to the experience.

  3. I know that I haven't gotten any more petite, and there is some physical awkwardness to this OTK position...

    The only thing that I was aware of when we tried it recently was that I was somehow into a mental place that made all of that sort of fade... I was able to get myself into a very intense awareness of His physical closeness and presence, and I became so immersed in that experience, that somehow the other issues seemed to fade.



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