Monday, July 20, 2009

39 minutes...

Sir kept track (for some reason last night) 39 minutes He said ..... to my foggy brain.. 39 minutes.

i lifted my head and looked at Him through blurry eyes .. 39 minutes Sir?? and i was informed He had been going at my ass for 39 minutes.. not 35 .. not 40 .. but 39 minutes.. i wondered why 39 minutes was so important and then i gave up wondering... .

It had started off really nice... slow and easy.. and i could keep up and remember to breath.. (which really is important in the large scale of things - to breathe that is)...... Sir was using the brown leather paddle thing (some lil thing i had picked up at the saddlery shop ) and then the speed increased and then the intensity picked up... and still i was breathing and it was ok...

Then Sir stood up and moved to the other side of the room... and came back with the white teflon paddle (a souvenir from BDSM camp a while back) .... and that lil sucker hurts.. the pain goes deep into the tissue - into my very being..

And Sir didn't stick to my ass.. the fleshy part.. no He went for the sides of my ass.. the sweet spot.. the backs of my thighs... the crack that divides the ass.. and it hurt...

and i realized in my last coherent moment - Sir was going for bruises... cause.. long story very short.. He had given me the memory card to His camera ... and i had gone browsing for some pics i wanted.. and there it was.. the pic of His very own "ass double" (is that why you call it swan?? so diplomatically - so politely ) and this ass double was bruised.. bruised like mine has never been.. ever... and i mentioned to Him the other night.. that i had seen the pictures ( i thought i should even though i have promised to never mention the ass double again.. ever!!)

So i thought maybe Sir was trying to give me the same bruises... it felt like it.. over and over and over in the same spot.. getting harder and harder and more intense which each hit...... but i knew .. i knew!! - there would be no bruising.. the same way there were no twinges.. no drips.. nothing to say my body was awake...... and i suddenly couldn't focus on the hits or the pain.. only that my body was betraying me - again. And then the tears came...

And then Sir announced 39 minutes....

i think He may have given up then... 39 minutes of nearly continuous hits .. and not a mark...

He bit me though.. hard .... on both ass cheeks.. frustration??? final attempt to bruise?? i don't know... all i knew was .. it had been 39 minutes.

And this morning.... proof of how hard He used the teflon paddle.. the paddle that is supposed to always spring back into shape...

But i guess 39 minutes of hard intense continuous strikes was more than the lil white teflon paddle could handle.. cause this morning..... this is the new shape of the lil white teflon paddle..


  1. "Stunt butt." That's what T calls them. I don't usually use the term. My appelations for them, if I speak of them at all, are far less "friendly" sounding. Best not to go there...

    Anyway, however else it went, I applaud your victory over the little white paddle.


  2. I think it is inconsiderate of you distorting his little white paddle like that. Especially after all the care he had just delivered to those cast iron cheeks.

  3. I think you need to return that teflon paddle to Sears and ask for a refund! They're very good at customer relations.

    Oh, a dogging bat! That's what I get used on me most often.



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