Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A bit of a rant

A while back Sir and i used to organise munches here in the Great White North. Munches USED to be fun.... They used to bring out 40 - 50 people.. BDSM munches that is.. not fetwear munches or stand and model munches.. BDSM munches with a whole lot of S/m thrown in for good measure.........(talked about not done!! after all it was a vanilla restaurant)

Then people lost interest.. or something... and stopped showing up.........

Sir and i used to hold/organise play parties.. and just parties.. like movie dates and scavenger/car rallies etc.. and then people stopped showing up..........

i got a complex.. i assumed they didn't like me.. or Sir.. or our ideas.. it became a real personal thing....

Then someone on FetLife decided to take over organising munches / combined with play parties and people showed up... 30 - 50 people each time.. my inferiority complex increased...

NOW.. there hasn't been a munch or a play party (and i mean PLAY party) in ages.. Sir and i have started going elsewhere for events ..........

NOW someone is pushing us to organize a munch.. cause ya know "our" munches were never in a part of town that was hard to get to (unless you were on the other side of town and thought we were wrong to hold them in 3 different places.. west east and midtown)

i want to remind these folks that want Sir and i to organise the "crew" (what damn crew??!!!) it was ME.. organising these munches (at Sir's urging) and get them going again........ HUH??? WHAT??

Let me explain something to all of you who think Sir and i should pick up the gauntlet again..........

You rarely came.. and if you did.. you came late or left early ....

You bitched about the restaurant - the prices - the location - the atmosphere

You bitched about the day of the week - the time -

And i am fed up with hearing how YOU are gonna get a party organised .. when this is done or that is done or the other thing..

And i am fed up hearing YOU are gonna organise a road trip to a party... cause ya know it never happens..

SO .. Sir and i are gonna go to out of town events.. we are gonna go to the BDSM camp.. WE are gonna make our own fun.......... because ..............

it is someone else's turn to do the organizing..

just send us an invite when you get your shit together.... and maybe we will turn up.. late.. or leave early and maybe we will bitch about the location the time and the day........

or maybe not......... cause we know what it's like to try and please this 'accepting inclusive' community.

(putting my soap box away .......... until the next time)


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  2. Having attended most of your muches, I will say I had fun at them I feel I can comment. There were four or five of us at the last one I believe that is not a munch. Sir and you suffered through worry and pain to what end. No replies no shows and everyone upset because you did not do what they liked.

    I have found it is far ore fun to go out of town also to enjoy along with our regular coffees on fridays. I know some truly wanted to could not make it on a regular bases and planned to go but never did. That does not make a munch go well.

    So really if there any of you that truly want a munch contact me and I give you the location we have coffee at on Fridays you are most welcome to come no reply needed just show up and share a coffee and when in two week no one has well then someone can shake a cheeky ass at them!

  3. Remember the munch I came to when I was in Montreal for a month? When I actually met you and Sir?

    I'm glad I had a chance to meet you both!!!


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