Monday, July 13, 2009

Sir's wishes

Some have been asking if things are "ok" with Sir and i.... and Sir's response has been "we are working on it"..... which is an excellent answer .. because there is no quick fix.. when one is working on a relationship it should take time .. a lot of time (in my opinion) otherwise you will land up right back where you started..... (which - again in my opinion - is exactly what we have done wrong the other times things went tits up)

Sir has been more forth coming with His opinions towards my behaviour.. and i have been working very hard to hear Him - not just listen. i am not back playing my bratty games - my 'smile and nod and do exactly what i want' games with a cheeky bratty answer back when challenged.

We have both been working VERY hard at fixing the problems!

Having said that .. i was a little down towards the end of last week - as Sir and i would have little time together this past weekend. There was a First Anniversary party for baby daughter that would take up much of Saturday....... And Sunday Sir had to leave early (mid afternoon) for another commitment. And Fridays - well Fridays are usually our coffee klatch with Cloud in the afternoon... a late supper and bed.

Well you have already heard about Friday's OTK session and how it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.. including the lack of orgasm for me, myself and i. (that stung i can tell you.. i have always been lil miss johnny on the spot when it comes to orgasms.. and i have been left a little undone over my inability to orgasm on Friday ... and as the sexual times are so few and far between i feel a bit as though i missed a big opportunity and am a bit cross at myself that my body didn't cooperate - for whatever reason. ya know i got a fairly good idea what happened... but that is my problem to deal with - and no it doesn't have anything to do with post menopause or lack of sexual drive)

i was a bit surprised - and more than a little pleased when Sir asked Saturday morning when i would be dashing off to the shower and all the preparations that i always seem to need to do before venturing out of the house. i did some figuring .. and said by 11 i should be in the shower............ Sir promptly decided that there was lots of time for some tit bondage.. and had a good time binding them up and attaching the leather straps to the ring in my leather collar. i pulled my dress back on and my mind went WOW.. the 'girls' haven't been that perky in years !!! right up there .. almost under my chin.. it was fun to look at and more fun to stroke.. i do love when they are bound up tight and hard...

BUT it was Sunday that was the most revealing to me.. fascinated me the most.. .mainly i guess because of the prelim .. not the actual act itself.

Sir had said just after our mid morning coffee - "I feel like whooping your ass"......... i don't know why but i didn't take Him all that seriously (old habits die hard) .. and i asked for permission to finish my coffee.. as i honestly thought sipping hot coffee between strokes might be more of a challenge than i could handle.

Now when i had finished my coffee .. i was sitting .. kinda holding my breath.. wondering if Sir would remember.. would follow through on His desire to "whoop my ass". Not two minutes had passed when Sir said "Welllllll??" and i became a little flustered... what did He expect me to do........... so i asked.. and He laid it out clearly for me...

When He desires to whoop my ass.... and there is - for whatever reason - a time delay - i am to position myself over the ottoman - ass bared - and just wait.

So i did.. i moved to the ottoman and bared my ass..... and waited.. i was pretty sure Sir would hop up immediately... but He didn't. He left me kneeling there - ass exposed - waiting. And something happened while i was there waiting......... i felt myself sliding downwards.. to that place deep inside of myself.. i felt the butterflies.. and the excitement of anticipation.... and wow it felt great !!!

It really doesn't matter (for the purpose of this entry ) what happened then... because the important happening had already happened.... the waiting............ exposed and vulnerable.. with butterflies. It has been a long time since i experienced those butterflies.. since i found the mind set so quickly.

Sir used mostly the cane.. and where He wanted to use it.. which meant the backs of my thighs .. the inside of my thighs.. my ass.. my cunt...He even clamped on some clamps to the pussy lips that nearly drove me mad as i was sooooooo horny .. but i had missed that window of opportunity.. and i will / can live with that..... i loved every minute of it.... and we even finished the session with a few hard smacks of the cane across my tits... and Sir held them up with one hand while He slapped away .. and i could just soak it all in...........

Sir's wishes............ and only Sir's wishes......... how nice.. how reassuring!!!


  1. sounds delicious! im soo happy for you!

    p.s.- congrats on the new job!

  2. it truly is mindset, isn't it? All the "playing" in the world is not going to do a damn thing unless the MIND is there. How wonderful that you and your Sir are finding such fulfillment in being in the moment, in the headspace where letting go, giving does what it does best -

  3. morningstar, t, swan, and I are (or feel we are) having a pretty good space right now in our relationship, and you know what....
    WE'RE WORKING ON IT! You know I think that is it. You're always working on it. Good times, Tough time, on the way up, on the way back down, you're always working on it. As long as you can say that both of're going to do just fine...particularly with people as fine as you and your Sir.

    Congratualations too on a wonderful session and the newest break through of connectedness for both of you.

    All the best,


    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

  4. spikeslady9:01 pm

    "Working on it!" seems to be a theme these days in many of our Master and i went on a short cabin get-away to work on it. Trust was stressed on both our sides and those things take time to mend, get stronger. Your post was so yummy! It brought back memories of our cabin wrist tied, vibrator implanted, hard spanking that left me quivering and exhausted. Keep working on it!


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