Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pity party

i had an upside down day today...

you see... July 29th... today .. is our anniversary. And usually by now i would have the number engraved in my skin... and i would have had my ass reddened... and i would be feeling well and truly owned.

BUT ..the real world came stomping in with great big boots and trampled all the dreams i had for today............

There is a children's camp .. just south of here.. for handicapped children.... and Sir's 78th Fraser Highlanders were going down for the afternoon to entertain the children with bagpipes and sword dances and muskets......... i feel so selfish for wanting Him not to go....... i am glad i kept my mouth shut tight...

And it's not like He didn't remember the day .. i received an absolutely gorgeous arrangement of flowers yesterday - with a lovely anniversary card that said He would be thinking of me today.......... which of course set me off completely and i cried and cried .. and couldn't seem to stop crying..

This morning i decided i could sit home and feel lonely and sorry for myself or i could get myself out of the house and go shopping...... (go figure .. i HATE shopping) and run messages... it is after all just a day in the life of right??

Off i went.......... and quite truthfully broke a cardinal rule of NOT buying something without checking with Sir first. BUT .. i couldn't check with Him could i now?? He wasn't within range......... so i bought some new jeans (a smaller size i am happy to say) and black and white top (to replace the one i ruined in the wash last winter) and a red blazer for my new job. i felt justified in doing it cause the store was having a 75% off sale... and Sir has taught me to buy on sale.... think He'll go for that one?? nah probably not eh?

Then i took all my winter blazers to the cleaners.. AND i even took my car in to get an appointment to have it rust proofed (which Sir has been yipping at me to do since i bought it !!)

And then i bought all kinds of different salad ingredients cause i am having some girlfriends in on Friday night for dinner (Sir will be off with the 78th squad again at the Highland games) ......... and then i stopped into the local chocolatier and picked up some of the most delectable chocolate desserts........ small dark chocolates filled with sobert fillings - orange, strawberry and lime - for dessert on Friday.

And then i came home.

Other than feeling just a bit guilty about clothes purchases .. i declare today a not so bad day after all............

And we will have our "anniversary day" one of these days.... and then i can tell you all what i bought for Sir this year... i am SO excited about it... and it has such a story behind it.... but it will have to keep until Sir actually opens it..........


  1. Well, happy anniversary! I was thinking that yours and ours were in proximity to one another. I am sorry that you felt disappointed initially, but it sounds like you had a good day anyway, and you know the commemoration of THE event will come around in due course.

    Hugs, swan

  2. Happy anniversary!

    It doesn't sound like a bad day - to me ANY day where you buy jeans a size smaller is an AWESOME day LOL

    AND, your Sir thought of you and sent you flowers - I LOVE getting flowers - there is something so wonderfully decedant about bouquets and so deliciously lovely about someone arriving at your door with them.

    On the 24th D. and I had our 27th anniversary ...and I was in NEW BRUNSWICK LOL.

  3. Any ideas where I am going to place the number 8 on littleone's body??

    Owner of morningstar

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I agree with Selkie, any day that you buy jeans a size SMALLER is an AWESOME day! :D

    Hmmm ... now where WILL that "8" end up ?????

  5. Happy anniversary, retail therapy sounds good :)

    Sir - may I suggest on the left shoulder blade.



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