Monday, July 27, 2009

The BIG Adventure

Saturday was The BIG Adventure day for granny and Grumps - oooooops !! Gramps. We were taking the youngest grandbaby to the train museum.

Now this was a BIG adventure for grandbaby - cause he has never come away with Gramps and granny........ and a BIG adventure for youngest daughter and son-in-law cause they were letting us take him.. and of course a BIG adventure for Gramps and granny!!

i think i stressed over the weather all week.. checking and re-checking the weather forecast.. cause ya know... it would be sooooooooo much nicer to do the train museum in the sunshine versus the rain.. cause if it rained there would be no garden train to ride.. and maybe the tram wouldn't run (around the perimeter of the train yard)

BUT the day dawned cloudy with promised sunny breaks. The grandbaby arrived on time with stroller and diaper bag - filled with rain coats and boots and blankets and blueberry and elephant and pull-ups and god only knows what else stuffed into it... oh yeah and the car seat.

We waved goodbye to Mom and Dad and took off on our adventure - a word grandbaby didn't know..... but learned on Saturday !!

And what a day we had !! Both Sir and i wondered what his reaction would be to the huge trains .... to the semi darkness.. to the noises.. would he cry and want his Mommy or dance off happy to explore. (Truthfully both Sir and i figured he would be dancing off to explore - but ya know - there was always the chance........... )

So here was our day at the day train museum................

Our first BIG train

"this a-way guys !!"

Boy these are BIG trains!!

OH OH!!! scary engine noises !!

More my size !

WOW! Thomas the Tank

Here comes the tram !!

Riding the garden train with Gramps

Time to head home.......

What a BIG adventure !!

(take a gander at the train engine tucked in the crook of his one arm.. with elephant in the other !! )


  1. Too sweet! I especially like the picture of the little one with your Sir... The faces are priceless! Thank you for sharing.

    hugs, swan

  2. Great photos. I particularly love the one (Boy these are BIG trains!!) that makes him look tiny against the big trains.


  3. those are AWESOME pics .. what a gorgeous gorgeous little guy - and what a TREAT for him! Looks like a wonderful day out!


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