Friday, July 10, 2009

On writer's block....

i have not written on Behind the Screen (or my fictional blog) since April .........2 whole months...... i really thought that by now.. second week into my holidays... that i would - at the very least - have a plot brewing in my head..........

BUT yesterday, as i sat outside under my red umbrella in my secret garden, i was wondering why it is that there are no murmurings going on... no ideas popping up and presenting themselves... which is usually how it happens...i get a whisper of an idea..and then like magic virtually the whole story plays out in my imagination. Usually i can't write fast enough to get it all down.... it just flows.

But there is nothing percolating in my head... nothing at all. i thought how glad i am that i am not in University ... not in my honours English group... not having to produce a play or a story or something regularly - for marks....... cause folks i would fail.............

Writer's block has me in it's death grip............

At least that's what i thought as i sat outside in my secret garden.

BUT .. i have an alternate theory to writer's block... (though i suppose it is almost the same thing) ... i don't DO sensual writing easily... and i need .. inspiration (for lack of a better word) ... and i mentioned earlier this week how my very own sensuality seems to be running on the empty i guess it isn't all that surprising that there are no murmurings going on in my ideas popping up.. no full length movie running through my imagination..........

i always worried that post-menopause would leave me dry and withered up like some old leaf that had blown off the tallest tree.... and i have been happy that i haven't dried up.... BUT maybe i have.... in the figurative sense.... has my imagination / fantasies dried up and blown away?? Is this it for now till forever??

Rather a scary thought......... maybe even worse than drying up literally.......


  1. I can't offer even one smart-assed comment.

  2. have you tried going people watching. Going to a street cafe or a fairly busy park and observing how the passing population acts, their body language, what shopping are they carrying, etc. Then try to imagine what is going on in your subjects minds and what that type of person might be doing when they are away from the public eye. Just a suggestion.


  3. I have the same worries. Although technically not there yet, as still regular, things have nonetheless changed, in some respects, radically.

    I fret about the same writing block too; like you, if I am IN sensual state of mind, then the words flow; when I am not, they don't.

    Add to that a lack of opportunity to actually WRITE - yeah, no laptop, crazy busy at work, back and forth on busy trips to Montreal, normal cooking, cleaning, etc and there isn't a whole lot of energy and plain old TIME left over.

    I do know that this too shall pass; and I bet if you think about things - look back, a little hiatus form writing is NOT that unusual - in its own way, probably the "norm".

    The other thing I find that often works is to start "cold"; come up wtih an idea and just go with it- force myself to write and often, suddenly, things start flowing, moistening, and boom, the words come.

  4. I hope this is a short-lived phase. You're such an imaginative and creative person. I would hate for you to feel like you lost that part of yourself.

    Have you tried reading others' sensual writings? Or a change of scenery and some people-watching, as someone else suggested?


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