Saturday, April 01, 2006

OH so not fun!

Sometimes i really do wonder about Doms....... mine specifically. They let you wander around doing pretty much anything and everything you wish .. most of the time ignoring you (ok ok so it FELT like i was being ignored) and then when you least expect it They lower the boom. Now i ask you .. is THAT fair??!!!

In case you hadn't figured it out.. that is what happened to me last night...... and might i add.. LATE last night. Just when my mind and body was thinking how nice it would be to climb into bed and snuggle down for a good night's sleep, Sir ordered me downstairs. Now to be truthful .. i thought He was kidding....then i thought He was going to give me a long overdue session and so i basically said "thanks BUT no thanks". BEEEEEEEEEP went the invisible buzzer and "wrong answer" was shouted out from the crowds........ ok i get it i don't have a say in this...... so downstairs i went, grumbling all the way.

It was cold downstairs - nice thing about spring.. everything in the house warms up.. the furnace doesn't run and the basement gets freezing cold!! NO sympathy from Sir.. not one speck!!! By that point .. i should have figured it out .. but of course i didn't! Next thing.. i am stripped naked .. strung up to the chains with not even a "by your leave"......... and the paddle is taken down........ EXCUSE ME!!!??? the paddle??!!! Almost before i could process what was happening 'wham bang thank you Sir' the paddle was cracking down hard on my ass... a whole lot harder than it should have been - in my subbie opinion - without a warm up........ do you think i had figured it out yet?? nope .. not by a long shot.

Then came the floggers.. one after the other... no respite.. nothing except pain up and down my ass .. up and down my thighs... Has anyone else noticed that a fast flogging produces a cool breeze??!! thank you very much i was quite cold enough without Sir now creating a hurrican force breeze against my skin....... somewhere around the second swing of the flogger i was in tears... soft quiet tears that very quickly blossomed into a full blown sobbing and choking and snot producing crying jag!

Even when Sir was taking me down from the chains... i still hadn't figured out what had just happened............ ok ok sometimes i am pretty damn slow! subbie challenged !!! Then Sir said.. "that is what you get for being cheeky!" end of discussion........
WOW! it suddenly made sense .. the penny dropped... i GOT IT ! this had been a punishment session......... and i felt like i had a BIG duh! lettered across my forehead.

Nicest part of punishment sessions.. is when it is all over.. and all is forgiven.. and Sir wraps His arms around me and holds me close................



  2. OMG, he STARTED with the paddle??? Ouch!

    The sudden lowering of the boom thing, in my opinion, is so NOT fair! I, for one, need consistency. (I''ve got my arms crossed and am pouting on your behalf.)


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