Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Guilty feelings

This latest meme - the 6 question one - made me realize how bad i am at commenting or interacting with most of the blogs that i read........ and i am embarassed. i love to have comments on my blog.. and yet i am not returning the favour....... Most of the time it is because i have absolutely no pearls of wisdom.. or cheeky assed thoughts to leave behind...

And so i am apologising right here .. right now.. to :

kaya who is having some troubles with mixing her vanilla life with her BDSM one... something i understand cause that is how i have always had to live it.. mixing one world with the other.. and struggling... on Friday's some times it is so difficult to change hats.. from bossy lady to bossed lady....... i know how difficult it is kaya..... and yet i have no words of wisdom.. only a "i know how it feels" to offer up to you........

swan - who is struggling with health issues.. who always seems to know just the right things to say to me to bring me comfort and some reassurance that there is really a light at the end of the tunnel...... and i have left nothing for you.... i wish you only good things.. and a promise for a return of all that you miss .. in some form or other.... i do know my greatest fear is losing the "desire" .. the wetness (to be blunt) .. the visible signs that i am still all woman.. with desires and needs..... growing old is not for the faint of heart..... and sometimes .. just sometimes .. it irks to read all these blogs of healthy 20/30 somethings ... so i find ...each time i read you.. a kindred spirit.. a woman who has lived and really understands the ups and downs of life! you have lifted my spirit so many times .. i only wish i could return the favour!

kethry who started the 6 question meme for me... and i couldn't even come up with 6 questions for you .......... i felt so guilty .. i kept promising i would come up with some .. tomorrow... only tomorrow came and went with no questions...
and i always mean to offer some support for your struggles with the baby issues.. with the weight loss issues.. with the vandals.. with all the struggles you have..... and yet the words do not seem to come.. and if they do.. they sound so trite .. i tend to erase them ... bad me!!

ling who has just been through major surgery and i didn't even find two minutes to post a "get well quick" post......... shame on me!! i am still here.. still cheering you on... still enjoying your posts... even if i am negligent about posting even a word or two.......

and magdala... who is struggling back from a hiatus from blogging.. who posted the 6 questions and i asked not a one...... not even a word about how glad i was to see you coming back......... about how much i have missed your posts... your insights into life...... no words of sympathy for the hard times you are struggling through........

Jo - who has had her own unique struggles of late..... who finds a minute or two in her busy hectic life to leave me comments from time to time... who even managed to come out to a munch and meet Sir and i in real life......... no excuse for my not leaving you a comment.. only that again i had no words of wisdom to leave behind...

and to all the other bloggers that i read - please know i smile when you smile.. and feel your pain .. your tears when times are tough........


  1. Thank you for telling me that you are still reading...;-) and don't worry about commenting at my place, I'm quite awared that this topic isn't one to comment so much about... but I'm really happy that you come by some times..;-)

  2. I know you are there. I don't write for the comments -- am often unsure what to do about them when I am gifted with them. It is enough to know that there are others who are also following similar paths who know...


  3. Anonymous2:54 am

    oh dear one, don't worry your pretty little head over it! I didn't ask but one person six questions and I did a poor job of that one!

    I'm with swan and Jo on this one...the comments aren't as important as just knowing that you are there. It's like a quiet companionship. Warm, safe and secure. Thank you for being you.


  4. *hugs*

    i'm sure no one holds anything of the sort against you.

    ~Master's butterfly


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