Saturday, April 08, 2006

Q & A

i decided to take the questions and repost them to one blog entry (ok ok it is a rather long one) and save everyone from having to hunt to find the questions / and or answers.......... thank you everyone who asked me questions..

pet said...
1. is Sir your first Master?
yes Sir is my first actual MASTER.. i have had 2 Mistresses before Him and one trainer "Lula"

2. how were you introduced to this lifestyle?
first by reading books..... daydreaming about this "fictional" life...... then via the internet.. then meeting people in the lifestyle.

3. what is your favorite aspect of this lifestyle?
boy that is a tough one..... probably the challenges....... to keep my bratty self under control.. to accept what comes without question....... giving up control

4. what's your favorite toy?
hands down............ the circus whip

5. how did you come by your name?
morningstar to me was the last star still shining as the day dawned.. i had spent so much of my life plugging along... and i was still hanging in there........ despite everything.. so it seemed appropriate to me to be "morningstar"

6. favorite scene?
gosh.. i don't think i have a favourite scene per say......... i love when Sir pushes my limits.. i love being a little bit scared.. like the time He did wax play and then pulled the knife out and was removing the wax from my nipples........
i love when i fly high and long and hear my fairies and dance along the rainbows.. anything that gets me there is probably my favourite..

ke`chara{BP} said...
1. what's your favorite breakfast?
i HATE breakfast.. only since i have been with Sir do i try and choke something down....... usually it is a glass of juice......... cup of coffee and a toasted bagel with honey

2. what would be the worst job you could possibly do?
sitting at a desk all day .. crunching numbers.......
geeeeeeeeee .. that is what i do - most of the time!

3. if you could have any pet animal, no matter how expensive, ridiculous, whatever, what would it be?
cats..... i have two and absolutely adore them......... i love their independence .. arrogance.. and how they melt when i scratch under their chins.....

4. if you could have any book anywhere verbally read out to you, by anyone - what book would it be and who by?
"Oh the Places You will go" by Dr Seuss .. read by Himself of course!

"so be sure when you step
Step with care and great tact
and remember that Life's
a Great Balancing Act"

5. if an angel said to you: you could have anything you wanted BUT you would have to give up something that really means a lot to you, what would it be that you would want, and what would you be willing to give up for it?
Know what?? i honestly believe i have everything i want/need .. so if the angel asked.. i would suggest she go and visit someone much more needy than me......and probably a whole lot more clever........

6. if someone said to you: "purple dinosaur".. what would you think?
silliness.. and fun.. and children's laughter

ling said...
1) Favorite guilty pleasure?
Truthfully i gave up feeling guilty over pleasure a long time ago........

2) Three songs that give insight into your personality?
18 till I die - Bryan Adams
Angel - Melissa Ethridge
You've got a friend - Carole King

3) If you could be any fictional character who would it be?
Peter Pan - he didn't want to grow up either

4) What color is your hair?
i believe they call it salt and pepper - i call it 'old'

5) What extra curricular activities did you take in college?
Radio - two handed touch football - basketball

6) If you had to choose one drink for the rest of your life what would it be?
French Vanilla coffee

Lady Baltimore said...
1. Do you have any tatoos?
Yes i have 2......... i have a celtic butterfly on my right breast - to symbolise a new life and i have the BDSM symbol on the top of my left thigh that Sir had done when He collared me

2. What's your fav veggie?
ughhhhhhh .. most of the time i HATE veggies - but i do LOVE salads .. does that count??

3. What's the difference between a regular abuse session and a punishment session?
First of all.. forgive me but i hate the word ABUSE.. nothing Sir and i do is abuse!!! (that may require a rather long post at another time to define the differences)
BUT the difference between a regular session and a punishment.. the punishment is fast and immediate and happens wherever Sir is - as well Sir has specific implements for the punishment and none of the "play" toys are used. A play session is something that comes about because Sir desires to "play" with me. It generally involves a variety of toys and i get to enjoy the rush of endophins.

4. How's Sir after his surgery?
Sir appears to be doing well after the surgery (thank you for asking!) He sees the doctor next week for the final "ok" .........

5. Do you have any pets?
i have 2 cats - squirt and miss ashes....

6. What do you do with the chest of toys in the living room when you have vanilla guests over to the house?
The toy chest in the living room is a beautifully carved wooden box - that has no resemblance to a toy chest. It is closed at all times. It does not hold any of the usual BDSM toys - i.e. whips and floggers and paddles oh my!! But rather it holds things like needles and clothes pegs and vibrators (oh my!) for quieter less strenous living room sessions. Company would never know by just looking at the box what it contains... much like our lives.. no one would know by just looking at what goes on between Sir and i.

kaya said...
1. Would you unkink yourself if you could?
i lived most of my life "unkinked"... it made me miserable and cranky and not very nice....
i tried so hard to be "normal".......... now i feel as though i am finally "right" in my own skin so i would not even think about trying to unkink myself

2. What aspect of D/s is your favorite?
the caring............. i am not sure i can explain this well.. D/s is to me the absolute caring of each other... His needs / my needs. i have never before had anyone who really cared for me........ who was there for me through thick and thin....... who cared enough to make sure i took care of myself..... who stood by me no matter what. of course i do the same for Sir.. and i like to think that is something that makes our relationship special for Him as well.. the unselfish caring............

3. What aspect would you leave out if you could?
ummmm.. that is toughie kaya......... after all this time .. it is all so woven together - tightly - that i have difficulty trying to separate it in any way shape or form to even SEE what i would like to leave out............
i am thinking about the only thing i would change (change rather than leave out) if i could........ would be the hour at which Sir expects my private journal to be written and sent.. (7:30 at the latest) some mornings - when i am on holidays - i would just like to sleep in.. be lazy and not have to be up with the birds...........

4. Do you like housework?
Actually yes i do........... i love when the house is clean and tidy ... i LOVE it.. and so it is no hardship to work to get it that way....... what i dislike about housework though is the doing it when i get home from work during the week - when i would much rather curl up and relax....... but then i do NOT like having to do it when Sir is here.. the one thing i do HATE though is IRONING........... ughhhhhhhhhhh i hate it !!

5. Do you drink coffee?
Absolutely .. i HAVE to have at least one cup in the mornings to "jump start the engine" and sometimes i have one when i get home from work to keep the motor running so i can get the housework done!!

6. What was your favorite grade or class in school?
hands down.......... English... creative writing.. reading... any thing that had to do with literature..........


  1. Anonymous10:10 am

    Thank you! *kiss*

    I'm right there with you on the ironing. Ugh.

  2. Cool Q & A, morningstar.

    Okay, no more using the word "abuse". :)

    I just got a steamer for our clothes. It is really great. You might want to look into it. It's so fun to watch the wrinkles fall out. Most stuff won't look as pressed as a good ironing will make them, but it's fast and clothes look pretty good.

  3. Interesting answers to interesting questions... I'm happy to know you a little better...;-)


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