Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's Sunday??

West Wing is on so it must be Sunday night right??? which means the weekend is over and somewhere in the recesses of my mind are memories of the time flown by....

The weekend is a blur.... i remember Sir playing with me on Saturday and i remember it hurting!! god how it hurt.. and i remember Sir whispering in my ear "can't you say anything other than OUCH?" and i do remember obliging Him with some descriptive 4 letter words....... i remember not being able to identify the toy He was using.. and wondering why it was so damn important to me to know which toy was causing which sensation......... it hurt.. with a capital "H"... what else mattered??

i didn't hear the fairies but i did regress to my 4 year old alter ego.. whining and wanting juice.. i can remember thinking my ass is bruised i can feel the bruise.. and being cranky and pouty cause i also knew that the damn bruise was NOT going to show..

Sunday is always our quiet day.. right?? yes .. it is!! a quiet day. But this afternoon Sir decided that we would visit the playroom again.. only this time.. this time!! He wanted to insert the new hand carved wooden butt plug complete with horse tail .......... oh my god !!!! My legs would barely hold me as i stumbled down the stairs.. have i written about my hatred of butt plugs?? yeah i know i have!! And this one .. trust me folks in my opinion.. is monstrous !!!! HUGE!!! BIGGER than huge.. and Sir was gonna put that into me???

(now stop chuckling those of you who are anal aficionados - this IS monstrous to me!) To make matters worse .. Sir had pulled out the spanking bench........ i HATE the spanking bench almost as much as i hate butt plugs and anal play!! Sir was "kind" to me... (He said) as He did not tie me to the bench - but allowed me to dangle over the bench..

Now He did attempt to insert the above mentioned hand carved wooden butt plug complete with horse tail and i did my darndest to not cry out.. or bitch at Him.. or say any of kaya's safe words (like stop Mother blankety blank blank... or fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck!) Sir did praise me for taking as much as i could.... and then rewarded me with another session!! It was a reward right??? sighhhh...

And remember that bruise i mentioned from Saturday that i knew.. JUST knew.. wasn't gonna show.. well i was right - it doesn't show. And Sir took extra pleasure in aiming and hitting the spot that i showed Him should be sporting a big black and blue bruise!!!! And oh it hurt......... hurt so good!!!

And now West Wing is on.. so it must be Sunday night .................


  1. Yep its sunday Sopranos and Big Love came on*giggles*

  2. Don't really have a comment. Just wanted you to know that I am still reading.

  3. I'm not sure which one would be the most monstruous for me... the buttplug or the horse tail?? And I'm very tempted to say the horse tail!!! God... that would be such an humiliation... ;-))


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