Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oriental part 3

On Saturday evening Cloud/drakor came over for a little visit ...he had made prior arrangements with Sir for a mini photo shoot. It was a strange evening....... something i have never experienced before.....it was all a little surreal........

Sir had received some pictures of chopsticks used as clamps and i had showed some interest in the pictures......... While Sir and drakor were having coffee and discussing life in general..... Sir had sent me off to find some chopsticks and elastics. At this point it felt a little like a game..... i found the chopsticks (3 sets) and went through the elastics finding 6 small white ones. i said i wanted everything to be esthetic.. ??!!! What was i thinking???? Honestly it was like a game.. i was being left to get things organised for my own session...... very weird!!

When we went downstairs to the dungeon... this planning of mine didn't stop.. i wanted to know where would be a good place for me to lie so that i wouldn't be in the way of the photo shoot......... i wanted a pillow so my head would be elevated and i could watch the picture taking (of drakor not me)...

Sir had me lie down... and He prepared the chopsticks and fastened them on to my pussy first.. then to my nipples..... the nipple ones hurt.. and i got a fit of the giggles - which happens occasionally when my breasts/nipples are being used and abused (sorry Lady Baltimore - couldn't think of a better description) While this was going on.. i noticed that drakor was just sitting watching.. and i suggested that he better strip........ i suggested??!! What WAS that about???

When Sir had finished arranging the chopsticks on me.. He got busy snapping pictures and oh yeah..scolding me cause i wasn't shaved......... i was told to hold my breath (which meant i had to control the giggles) and click click flash flash pictures were taken. Sir stood up and told drakor to strip so that He could get on with the photo shoot.

While Sir was taking the pictures of drakor .. i was left lying in the corner giggling over the pain.. and the mental images i had of the chopsticks on me. Every once in a while i would lift my head a little bit to catch a glimpse of Sir working with drakor. Sir has on occasion taken pictures of other subs.. He has even .. on occasion.. played with other subs while i watched.. but this was so different !!! And yet even today...... 3 days later i can not for the life of me figure out what was different.

i found it amusing to see drakor humiliated by some of the pictures.. the measuring tape one and the ass one in particular....... it was like i was reveling in his humiliation.. i have experienced this man dole out humiliation and pain to His subs........ i have seen him being used by female Dommes........... but i have never been as aware as i was on Saturday evening of his humiliation. You can read drakor's description of the session here. It made me wiggle and made my stomach clinch... and all of it made me more aware that i was being ignored... not forgotten.. just ignored.. and i adored it !!!

Too soon it was all over and Sir came and cut off the elastics enjoying the springing off of the chopsticks and my screeches .......... but i am still left feeling that the whole evening was a little bit like Alice through the Looking Glass....

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