Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bouncing Ball

It has been awhile since i put everyone through one of my "bouncing ball" posts...... so i didn't think anyone would mind too terribly much.........

kaya wrote an excellent blog today (gold star kaya !!) that gave me much to think about....... there was one thought from today's blog that has been nagging at me...
to quote her......... "I had expected some pictures or video clips of s&m pornography. Things that would make both of us horny, inspire sessions of pain and torture and maybe some ideas of new positions, techniques, toys, etc. " Then i took a peak at some comments on Sir’s blog and Lady Baltimore said something to the effect of "getting some ideas from my photojournal".... now why am i rambling about all this?? Because once upon a time..i pointed out something in a blog that a Master had done to His sub and kinda hinted that i would like to try it.. and Sir said He couldn't "steal" an idea from another Dom..... ok ok very honorable Sir......... BUT this subbie lil brain kept asking "why not???" Today kinda made me ask again.. "why not??"..... why the hell NOT take ideas from the net? Afterall isn't it a tool?? a way to educate oneself?? a way to entertain oneself?? Who said one person had to have all original ideas?? i am thinking maybe we need another internet challenge..... kinda like the toothpick one that never started off as a challenge.. but landed up being one.. ok who's up for a new challenge??

And then our friend Cloud put up a blog about what He is looking for in a Domme.. (ok now before everyone gets terribly confused He is a switch..) that made me stop and think .. about what i looked for in a Dominant way back when .. my greatest fear has always been that i would find someone who.. once they had strong feelings for me.. or loved me.. wouldn't or couldn't hit me anymore..(it has happened to me!!) now trust me when i say .. that can be a HUGE disappointment. Now what kind of criteria is that for a search?? someone who won't land up loving me enough that He can't hit me anymore???!!!

Then swan posted about being tickled.. and how she didn't break down and accept a paddling instead of a tickling.. BUT in the end she still got paddled.. and i couldn't help but think.. sometimes we subbies are damned if we do and damned if we don't.. and ain't that GRAND!!!

and oh yeah.. the last point ........... for this time........... i posted some more chastity pics over on the photojournal page.......... do ya think i am kinda on a theme there??
Chastity ........ sucks!


  1. I agree... went trought that cadenas stufff... for a little moment... ;-) It is doing nice pics, no matter what... ;-))

  2. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Master used to get in that same "I can't copy another Dom" kind of thinking. I just kept reminding Him of how flattered He feels when someone gets an idea from us and why not pass that feeling on to someone else?

    It's a guy thing. Pride or something.

    I'm game for another challenge! Do you have anything in mind? :)


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