Tuesday, April 25, 2006

For Your viewing pleasure...........

This may look not so bad.. but trust me when i say OUCH !!!! (mind you .. i am a big wimp when it comes to my nipples..... )

Now for some reason.. i do not have the same reaction to clamps on my pussy as i do on my nipples............ and honestly i was disappointed when Sir removed these chopsticks... i loved the pulsing feeling that i got from being clamped so tightly.........

(i AM blushing to post a picture of when i was hairy....... mind you that was remedied last evening - Sir ordered me to shave myself .... kaya.. how DO you get such good photos of yourself??? i must have taken 40 pictures to get one that was decent to send to Sir for His "inspection")

i have posted the original chopstick pictures to my photojournal..


  1. Anonymous10:52 am

    Isn't it odd just how painful those chopsticks are on the nipples? Especially when they come off. Ow.

    The pics?..lol.. I take about 40 too and get one or two decent ones. :-)

  2. That seems amazing... I love nipples tortures... so, it could be a nice feeling for me..;-)
    Strangely, I feel almost nothing when it comes to pussy... but yes, I'd love to try that...;-)


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