Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is your only warning....... my post today is going to be graphic .. Xrated.. if you don't wish to read this (yeah right!!!) please move along....... (cheeky grin)

Yes cheeky grin! i am feeling very cheeky today.... it has been a good weekend so far.. Sir caned me on Friday night.. so long and so hard that my ass has ridges....and He whipped me on Saturday........

But on Saturday morning..... after i had written my private journal to Him.. i did something i rarely do.. i asked for permission (and it was granted) to crawl back into bed with Sir for a little snuggle...... Not long after i was safely wrapped up in the covers...... i heard the words "Service Me"... i looked at Sir.... i must have had question marks all over my face........ i hadn't heard those words in forever...

But it didn't take forever for me to slide down His body and bring my tongue out .... with a wicked glint in my eye i started to lick His cock like one would a lollipop... i was watching Him over the top of His cock... and mumbled out .. "yummy .. licking my lollipop" which brought an amused grin to Sir's face.. i closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of His cock in my mouth........ the skin of Sir's cock is soft as silk.. (i don't have a whole lot of experience with male cocks .. so perhaps every male cock is smooth and soft as silk) i held His cock near the base.. tight.. making the blood pump through to the tip..... and i slowly lowered my mouth down over that tip...... running my tongue around and around it.. teasing it.. feeling the whole cock twitch just slightly....

i love to pull my mouth off the cock (still keeping one hand tight around the base) then bring my open mouth down barely touching the tip...and then clamping closed around the tip and sliding my mouth down the cock rotating it around the cock one way.. while my tongue swirls around it in the opposite direction... i love to bring my open mouth down the cock.. without closing my lips around it... letting my warm breath caress the skin......... then at the very last minute - before my mouth collides with my hand and the bottom of the shaft - i close my lips tight around Sir's cock and slide back up quickly.. i love to worship Sir's cock.. in my own way .. teasing Him .. feeling Him grow hard and large in my mouth...... always holding tight to the bottom of the shaft.. Sir's very own cock ring.. my hand! And when i can play no longer i look up at Sir and whisper.... asking permission to sit astride this silky cock that is vibrating on it's own.. pulsing... and yesterday Sir granted the permission...... and i slid down slowly.. feeling it enter and probe its way through me.. it was like the cock and cunt were becoming reacquainted after a long sabbatical .. i tighten the muscles that line my cunt pulling Sir's cock deeper into me... holding it tight.. i begin to move up and down .. ever so slowly... feeling every inch of the cock.. feeling every inch of my cunt ... feeling the prickly hair surrounding Sir's cock tickling my clit..

and oh my god !! it was the most wonderful feeling...

(there is more to come...... but i need a coffee... and time to regroup my thoughts)


  1. And I know so well what you mean...;-)))

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