Thursday, December 04, 2014

Small Rant

Ok this is just a small rant - 

I go to the Y 3x a week to exercise and do yoga.  I wasn't too sure how long I would stick at it - but it turns out I sorta/kinda enjoy my time at the gym.  It was easy to go in the fall - get dressed in my gym clothes - jump in the car and go.  I wondered how long the enthusiasm would last when going to the gym meant getting dressed in winter clothes, cleaning off the car, plowing through snowy streets.

Yesterday I went to the gym ..... and as it was yoga day - decided I didn't need to go to the locker room.  I planned on hanging my coat up at the front door in the cloak room.  There weren't enough clothes hangers.  So I left a polite little comment card suggesting they might want to add extra hangers now the bad weather was here.

This morning I got a call from the Y.  Some stern lady pointed out to me that I should be using the lockers.  HUH??? I politely pointed out I didn't need a locker on yoga day AND didn't feel comfortable walking through the building in snowy boots to get to the locker room.  It made more sense to me to hang all outside clothing/boots etc at the front door.

She said they were going to pull out the cloak room and to get used to using the locker room.  I pointed out - again politely - cause truthfully I couldn't believe she wasn't seeing my point - that there were only 1/2 lockers in the locker room ... so if I was lucky enough to be able to squish everything into one of these lockers - it would mean that my big winter coat, winter boots, street clothing and gym bag would all be squished into one locker - everything getting wet.

She didn't budge... just said "use the locker rooms".......

I keep thinking it is a good thing that I am not THAT senior - not in the least bit handicapped.......... cause slipping and sliding over wet tile floors is not my idea of a welcoming/accommodating gym. 

Some days I just don't get it....... ya know?

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Ordalie said...

You might go to a more friendly gym.

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