Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Shoot me

Yesterday was my last "first" day of school - and I can honestly say I don't mind one little bit.  It was bloody hell.  and even muttering "fuck 'em" or "pee on 'em" didn't help one little bit.

From 7:00 am till 1:30 (when I just walked out for a break) I didn't stop.  Parent after parent came to see me - and mostly with really stupid questions.  (and I wonder why some of our kids don't get it!!)  I was back in my office by 3 and then it all went downhill.  I had to account for over 100 kids when the bell rang.  12 kids went missing............... 12 !!!!  In my whole career I have NEVER had 12 kids go missing on the first day - on ANY day!!!  

By 4:30 I was back in my office fending off more stupid questions from parents keeping one eye on the clock cause the showing was scheduled for 5:30.  

At 5:20 my cell phone rang.  I answered to hear an alarm going off and I could barely hear the voice over the noise.  It was my real estate agent.  She managed - god  knows how - to set off my alarm.  I was trying to tell her how to cancel it ... it wasn't working - so I figured I was wrong.  I grabbed my purse and was almost shouting at her over the noise to tell her I was on my way home and would be there in 10 mins.  Just then she managed to shut the damn thing off.  When I hung up from her my phone rang immediately.  My alarm company phoning to tell me there had been an "event" at the house. Oh yeah really??!!!  (rolling eyes)

Finally at 6:00 I came home and collapsed.  

If the first day is any indication of how my year is gonna go................. just shoot me now ok???


Anonymous said...

Get all the 'shit' out of the way the first week...then on to smooth sailing

Happily retired from the profession

I only lost one child the first day lol


Buffalo said...

Sorta makes you happy the elfnuts can't fly, doesn't it?

Ordalie said...

Where were the 12 missing kids actually?

morningstar said...

@ordalie - hard to explain some were on buses they shouldn't have been on.. others had walked home with friends - and one was actually picked up by a parent who didn't think it was necessary to inform the staff.. (le sigh)

@Joyce - rub it in - go on rub it in (cheeky grin) only 1 eh???? I have prided myself on only ever losing 1 ... which was a rare occasion...... so yesterday did truly give me heart palpitations

@ Buffalo - absolutely

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