Friday, August 24, 2012

Drama Queens

Recently I have found myself losing interest in the "community" .............. for awhile I couldn't really figure out why - I thought it was because W and I have been so busy planning our new lives in a new city.

I grew tired of the politics here - and with the politics (hand in hand) the drama.  I thought perhaps a new city would prove to have less politics less drama - and just be fun again.  But - alas alack - it only took a couple of events for me to sense the same politics and same drama - same shit - different people.  How boring !!

Fetlife - the web site I love to hate - is an absolute breeding ground for politics and drama........ the latest round of drama emanating from the illustrious site is name calling.  Dear God in heaven !!!  school yard bullying and childish behaviours on an adult site.  People were warned and warned again - stop using names - even screen names..... but did anyone listen - god no !!  It was kinda like watching a car wreck about to happen...........

And it has.

Today when I got home I read an email from another mailing list I am on.  Turns out there is a law suit out in British Columbia (Vancouver to be exact) for defamation of character.  

AND of course this defamation of character happened on Fetlife.  Believe it or not - someone got angry at someone else for calling them names and is now suing.  Really???!!!

It seems to me there is just too much ego involved in the public side of this "community"...... It almost seems to me that it is time to burn the whole thing down and start over............ 

Anyway - if anyone is interested in reading the Notice of Civil Claim (I will admit it made interesting reading for me ) click here ............. 


  1. Anonymous9:44 am


    I thought Florida was bad..:)

    I rarely post on fetlife, hell rarely read the groups, due to all the crap, so and so doesn't like so and so so, and Joe Blow was too hard on susy q, and I'm a SLAVE not a sub..

    rolls eyes..

    but this take the cake LOL


  2. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Now I remember why I don't join a lot of groups....some people never grow out of childish hateful behaviors.

    I can see why the guy was upset...down here he could of been hauled in for possible assult charges.


  3. Ordalie1:24 am

    "The plaintiff uses the handle J..."
    Having never seen the word handle in that context, I looked it up in the dictionary and I found:
    Slang .
    a person's alias, nickname, or code name.
    SLANG??? And used on a Court file???


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