Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I don't have a whole lot of anything today...... my days are filled with work and thoughts of work - and W's packing and leaving - and selling my house - and nothing much else.

Yesterday I had a staff meeting with my staff.  I was not feeling good about it going in....... all those nasty deeds done in June are still with me - I still want revenge - which is so not me - and definitely not a good supervisor - but ya know stabbing anyone in the back doesn't sit right with me...... never has, never will - but when that back belongs to me - it is even worse.  But I smiled and did my schtick and got the hell out of there... 

Today the kids arrive.  and their parents.  I frequently wonder when parents will learn to read.  BUT then I have been wondering that for nearly 30 years - shrug - guess it won't happen during my career!!!

Last night I noticed - as I was going to bed - that W had posted to his blog.  It is a strange pic that caught his interest.  Wanna see it ?? click HERE........... Now W is always finding interesting... weird and wonderful pics on the net.  The man must belong to every photo mailing list going !!!! But I found this one a little disturbing for some reason...... I think perhaps because the male is obviously in a submissive pose.  My mind went in one direction - so I asked him about it - cause otherwise (being me) I would have stewed and fussed all night long.  His answer came from a completely different direction - He said the guy looked old and was still obviously playing.  ahhhhh - yeah - so??? LOL - I have a saying over my desk (to remind me) that goes " we do not quite playing because we grow old - we grow old because we quit playing"......... 

I am pooped these nights when I get home from work.  Of course I am working 7 - 8 hours straight - the workaholic in me I guess.  And I haven't been sleeping well - Soooooo when I get home I just kinda collapse and not move till bedtime (which is getting earlier and earlier) 

So last night I was vegging on the sofa watching some mindless television show when the phone rang.  I ran a list through my head of who could be calling 'cause honestly I just didn't feel much like talking - daughters ?? nope already spoke to them.  W - nope not likely - as he is more pooped than me every evening and emailing is about all he has the energy for - So I decided to answer it and find out.................. It was my real estate agent.  Honestly she was the last person I was expecting to hear from.  She told me I have my FIRST home visit today at 5:30 - thank god I will still be at work!!  

I was excited - my first visit !!!  Then I glanced around the house - oh my god !!!  I needed to spruce it up - clean the bathrooms - clean the kitchen - spruce it up !!  So I pulled my ass off the comfy sofa - and got to sprucing.......... By the time I was done I needed a hot bath and bed so badly !!!  This selling the house is gonna be exhausting if I have to spruce it up all the time......... god give me strength.  BUT .... hey I have my first visit and that is a very good thing !!!

So that's about it dear friends - not much of anything - just bits and pieces........another day in my life.


  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I always look forward to it. May your first house showing be a huge success!

  2. Ordalie1:38 pm

    "I needed to spruce it up - clean the bathrooms - clean the kitchen - spruce it up !! "
    Well, I'm pretty glad you've got a first visit!

    Now, why do you think you've got to clean those rooms? It stands to reason they're used and can't be cleaned all the time!
    And as a prospective buyer, I wouldn't mind...

  3. Hope that showing went well... Whatever "well" boils down to at this point.

    Try not to wear yourself out totally.

    hugs, swan

  4. Good luck with your first viewing - I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to be there - it is so strange showing strangers around your house and trying to point out the good points when all you can see is the stain on the carpet where someone spilled red wine and the unfinished tiling in the bathroom.

  5. I like the bits and pieces

  6. I am so excited for you. I love that life is opening up a new adventure your way. :)


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