Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just another day in Paradise

It's Thursday - the sun is shining - and the holidays are fast coming to an end..... 

This morning I have already contacted my real estate agent with a small suggestion/complaint about the listing - and W pointed out to me I made a typo........ I went to FL (why oh why do I go there?? it just makes my blood boil) and tried to post something in french - and probably made more than one typo - I contacted City Hall - and am holding my breath.............

So I have made an administrative decision..........

I think I am gonna take that second cup of coffee W suggested I needed - and my Kobo - and go curl up outside under my lil red umbrella in the glorious sunshine ....... 

If you came looking for words of wisdom - or humour - or a rant here today - sorry - none available - I am basically hanging a sign on the blog that says: 



  1. My sign is packed and I can't find it, so I will have to keep working.

    Butt you enjoy your day fishing..


  2. Gotta a question. If your home is up for sale now, where are you going to live during the upcoming school year?

  3. Ordalie2:50 pm

    I don't come back here looking for words of wisdom, just to enjoy reading you...and sometimes I come across words of wisdom, but that's just a bonus!

  4. @ordalie - thank you for that - it made me feel warm and fuzzy :)

    @Buffalo - well now - your question gives me an idea for tomorrow's blog entry :) ta love (wiggle wiggle)


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