Friday, August 31, 2012

Just shoot 'em

Day two  of the school year 

(hey if you don't wanna hear me bitch and whine about my last year of work - you need to move along.......... )

(GOD I am starting to sound like the bitches I work with)

Anyway - enough of that - day 2 - was much better than day 1 - I didn't lose one kiddie - in fact I even managed  - somehow -  to land up with one too many - not bad eh?? (cheeky grin) Those parents still aren't reading the rule book - ahhh well - only 10 more months to teach 'em how  to do that  right??

Everything was flowing along real smoothly - until just after lunch - when one of my staff came into my office to complain she had less hours than someone with less seniority.  I didn't think so - I am pretty good at making sure the hours are distributed correctly - according to seniority - but I am human and I make mistakes - so I told her I would double check.

Mid afternoon - the other employee - the one with supposedly MORE hours came charging into my office - like the school was on fire.  Apparently employee one was bitching at employee two that she had more hours - and THAT was gonna change !!!  Employee two bitched at me she had ** more ** seniority  - and she should have maximum hours - so I shouldn't even THINK about taking 15 minutes off her day. 

So I pulled out the files - told employee one she had 20 minutes more a day than employee two (and in my head said "now shut the fuck up") and told employee two if she thought her seniority was wrong she was talking to the wrong person (ME) - call Human Resources and bitch at them.  Then I turned on my heel and left.

The day wasn't all stress and back stabbing bitches though.  Youngest daughter dropped by mid morning with baby grandson.  And we went out for cookies and juice/coffee....... and I got to visit with them - giggle with the lil guy ... and remember there is a whole wonderful life outside the four walls of school.

Just tell me THAT face wouldn't brighten up your day.......... (it's even cuter when he flashes that grin of his - complete with dimples!)

On the other side of my life - W signed off on his house here ........ and as he put it - "He is now a few thousand dollars richer - and homeless" - silly man !!!  He moves in here with me tonite - until Tuesday when He heads off to our new home in Kingston.  (how I wish I was going with him on Tuesday ) 

And that dear friends was the second day of school........


  1. Well, I'm glad Day 2 was so much better than Day 1 - fancy making a profit on kids :-)

    UK schools start back next week - Tuesday is Day 1 - wish us luck perhaps/


  2. Last time around the ring. Wonder how much you will miss it next year.


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