Monday, August 06, 2012


So this trip to Kingston  was a wee holiday for both of us....... lots of fun time in the hotel room (no you do NOT need details - suffice it to say - we had fun!) and a whole day of playing tourist............walking around Kingston and W even took me for a sightseeing boat ride............ 

Ready for the pics??? (dontcha hate when a friend drags out their "holiday" pictures - you can always move on now if you wish.  If not - you HAVE been warned !!) 

 December 11 1882 there was a huge fire that destroyed downtown Kingston.  When they rebuilt the city center - most of the buildings were built out of limestone.

 This shot caught my eye because of the brightly coloured door at the end of the alley

 This is Confederation Park - and the water front...........

This is the boat W and I went on on Friday afternoon............ we rode topside and OH the burn I got !!!

It was an impossibly hot day - even on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River - hot and hazy !!!

windmills on Wolfe Island

Old Fort Henry

moving from Lake Ontario out into the St. Lawrence River

one of many country homes by the water

cool way to spend a hot afternoon

Canadian Geese

Kingston skyline 

Kingston Penitentiary - one of 5  prisons I believe

And that ends the tour (for now) of Kingston on a hot and hazy afternoon.


  1. Your Canadian Geese don't look anything like what we call Canadian Geese around here (they are imports and not native to Northern Europe but they seem happy here and breed well). Are our Canadian Geese not the real kind and just some other sort of Goose that happened to be imported from North America?


    P.S. Copy and paste this to see what I know as a Canadian Geese.

  2. ugh you know what Perfectdt - I posted the wrong pic.. when I blew it up I realize I posted ducks... ughhh

    BUT I did check out your link - and they look a lot like our Canadian geese - but there was something just a tad off... I am gonna look and see if I have a close up of a goose .. and will post it IF i have a good one..

  3. I loved your pictures, thank you. I lived in Stoney Creek for three years.

    As for calling different birds by the same name - robins in England are NOWHERE near the same as robins in Canada - twice/three times the size and totally different shape.

  4. Absolutely beautiful- I love the ocean!


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