Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yesterday was a day of memories for me........... 

I remembered one of the first munches I ever attended - some 13 plus years ago - and I was remembering a Dom and his slave that I met.  Even back then this Dom was trying to invent a "better mouse trap"  He had come up with a remote controlled vibrator.  He was demonstrating how he had "hot wired" a garage door opener to a bullet vibrator that his slave was wearing......... and how if he pushed this button it turned the bullet on.. we all watched as from across the room she jumped - giggled - looked at him and all of us watching her and blushed.  AND I remember W toying with her - laughing - as he pulled his automatic car starter out of his pocket and made a big show of pushing the button.  No one expected anything to happen - especially W.  Imagine our surprise when she jumped looked shocked - and W nearly dropped the starter.  We all had a good laugh - turns out the two remote devices shared a common wave length.

The one thing that stands out most in my mind about this Dom - was his frustration with the poor quality toys available........ and the high price.  He set about teaching himself how to make paddles (I purchased one of his first paddles engraved with the BDSM symbol for W one Christmas - it is one of the few paddles that has NOT broken on my ass!)  He taught himself how to use a whip......... and worked hard learning about balance and weight and counter weights........ he taught himself how to braid beautiful leather handles - he taught himself how to make amazing floggers and whips.  He had a small home based business.  

Then he and his slave started going to 'conventions' in Toronto - in Ottawa - and then venturing down to the States with their whips and paddles and floggers.  He started selling more and more - and making a name for himself.  His toys were known for the quality of  workmanship - and leather.  He became known as an honorable man - a man of character - a man of his word.  And his business grew.

He became the "Whipmaker".

We would bump into him from time to time at events - we bought one of his whips.  He started to teach his slave how to create the whips......... how to make HIS whips - quality whips.  

Then he left her - moved on.  She was devastated.  But he would return to their house and the workshop to teach her more....... to help her...... to encourage her.  He wasn't going to make whips anymore.  But he wanted his quality /high standard of whips to continue...... and who better to hand off the business to - than his slave..... albeit EX slave.

Then we heard he had cancer.  And he was devoting himself to that battle with all the guts and determination he had used to build his whip business.

We still bumped into him occasionally at events - with his shunt in his arm - and his yellow skin - and his smile.  Always a smile.

W and I saw him about a month ago at an event.  He looked thin - emaciated actually - but still He smiled and chatted with people.  The shunt was gone from his arm - and whispered rumours said there was nothing the doctors could do anymore.

This man whom I have known for over 13 years died Sunday evening ............ having fought this last battle with all the determination and strength he had.  He was a good man......... and I am proud to have known him.  He will live on in our paddles and floggers and our whip.  He will live on in the community and be remembered.  

I like to think - that wherever he is - he is smiling that smile of his - and teaching newbies about whips and floggers and paddles - oh my !

R.I.P. Maitre Andre


  1. I couldn't have said it better, thank you for saying it for Me and everyone who knew Master André...


  2. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Sorry to hear of your loss and the loss to the community


  3. What a lovely epitaph. You obviously admired and cared for him and he will live on in the memories of everyone who knew him. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

  4. Sorry to hear this sad news. A very touching post.


  5. I am sorry for your loss.


  6. Ordalie11:24 pm

    A very moving post. Do you happen to know if his toys can be bought online?

  7. I'm happy that you have wonderful memories of a man who obviously was special enough to instill them in others.

  8. @ordalie

    yes MsV (his ex slave) has a website
    the url is

  9. Ordalie9:56 am

    Thank you!

  10. Maitre Andre is not one we had the luxury to meet or know. That is sad for us. Thank you for this lovely portrait. Good job!

  11. O/our condolences for your loss. It is nice that you have some of his quality toys to remember him by.


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