Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Often - sometimes without even noticing it - we are offered a quick snapshot of someone else's life.  

Sometimes we hardly notice - barely blink - over what is revealed to us.

Sometimes we are too busy to notice 

BUT sometimes - on that rare occasion - this snapshot joins the other snapshots in  our invisible photo album......... and then we can study it and think on it..... and every once in a while it might just open our eyes 

That is how I feel about a couple we met at that hot humid muggy uncomfortable munch we went to last Friday evening.

He seemed mysterious to me - and a bit bothersome.  Not bothersome in a bad way - but he seemed to be aloof....... a part from the group.  His wife on the other hand was warm and friendly and chatty.  I thought 'I could get to really like her'.

When the menus came and we were all discussing what to have - she barely glanced at the menu - and when the orders were given - HE ordered for her.  Nothing that strange really - my father used to order for my mother all the time.  BUT ...... there was something that stayed with me........ a snapshot.  She looked at him when he ordered with .... I am not sure what ......... love I think .. in her eyes.  

And when her meal came she commented to me that this meal was exciting - she didn't normally get so many different choices.  He had ordered two different veggie pita wraps with salad........ and she cut each wrap in two and put a half of each on each plate.  I thought to myself - 'it doesn't seem like such a variety of choice' but who am I to really know .............. 

She deferred to him in just about everything.......... and it was pleasing to watch.  She appeared - in that snapshot of a moment - to be the graceful pleasing submissive/slave that I always seem to be striving for................... 

And that snapshot will stay with me - in my invisible photo album - for a long long time.



  1. Interesting. Is that a part of your relationship?

  2. Anonymous8:38 am

    Wow. Great insight!


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