Friday, August 17, 2012

Follow the dream

My dream - for over 30 years - has been to retire in Kingston.  I have some very non-politically correct reasons for wanting to live in Kingston - the reasons I publicly give are - 1) it is much cheaper to live there 2) it is (believe it or not) Canada's #1 city to retire to 3) the winters are milder  - well you get the picture.

But no matter how good it will be WHEN it happens - there are mountains of challenges before that day comes.  W has been facing these mountains ahead of me - trail blazing you might say............. 

My lil house went on the market this week - and my challenges begin...... I discovered I have to proof read every single thing my agent puts out there on the net - cause she is making mistakes....... and not good ones.  I think I emailed her 3 times yesterday and had one phone conversation.  For example she lumped all my condo expenses in one amount which looks HUGE compared to the other townhouses on the market - their agents split the fees/charges under sub headings - so now my lil townhouse looks like it has the most expenses per year going ..... (le sigh) that is supposed to be corrected ASAP.

Then apparently the government or the real estate board - or maybe even the surveyors of the province have said to sell a house/townhouse/condo you must have a RECENT certificate of location - in other words a survey done of your land.  For some reason I never got one when I bought this place - of course I didn't know about all these requirements - and I guess my agent ignored it - or didn't know.......... 

Well I do understand if you own property - you might have put a fence up that infringes on your neighbour's land - or vise versa - however in my case the land boundaries do NOT change - can NOT change.  So I have been questioning this certificate.  Yesterday I bit the bullet and called a survey company.  Thank god the girl who answered the phone 1) spoke English and 2) took sympathy on me.  After some work on her part she called me back to tell me they couldn't do the survey.  Why you ask??? Because for some reason the original survey done back in 1970 can't be found in the public domain..... therefore I have to go back to the original man who did the original survey... confused yet??? Well to make things really interesting - he's dead.

This girl at the survey office I called told me not to panic - she had looked up the man who bought the business from him and would still have the original survey.  (she was my bright spot of sunshine yesterday !!)  I called him only to get an answering machine.

These are all challenges I hadn't anticipated.

The ones I had anticipated I had already worked out solutions to....... ya know me - I have to be prepared !!!

The biggest challenge I could see - was selling my townhouse BEFORE the end of June next year when I will retire and move to Kingston.......... and that is a strong possibility.

Buffalo asked yesterday in the comment section what would happen then??? 

Well........ I am very lucky - W will be in Kingston with a big ole house waiting for furniture - so I will ship all the furniture that is going up to him.  I will pack up my clothes and necessities and move into my eldest daughter's house (a kind of switch on the kids moving back home to Mom and Dad) She has a lovely big 4 bedroom home down the street (more or less) from me - closer to school (believe it or not) and I will camp out in her spare bedroom till I finish work in June.

It would seem those challenges - the ones I could think of - are the easy ones - it's the one's that keep cropping up now that are proving to be the more difficult / stressful ones.  

But I have always believed that anything worth having is worth working hard for...... and living with W in our new chosen city is (in my mind) worth working hard for.. so I will roll up my sleeves and just get it done............... 


  1. Move in with you daughter, huh. Lucky girl. I'm sure she is all a quiver with anticipation.

  2. Anonymous8:30 pm

    I am actually.

    I am preparing her room at Casa de daughter.

    (of course this will also double as her room when she comes to visit after she moves as well)


  3. Ordalie11:12 pm

    Will Miss Ashes appreciate?

  4. It is lucky that you have somewhere to go in the event your townhouse sells early, even thought it isn't ideal.

    I think I can guess the non-pc reasons for moving. I moved from La Belle Province too.


  5. @ordalie - we are gonna try miss ashes at eldest daughter's with her dogs - but if she doesn't adjust then she will move to Kingston and join W - and start setting down her roots even before "mother" shows up


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