Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fantasy Island

We had timed our holiday in Kingston quite well as there was a munch on the Friday evening.  I was really looking forward to going - even after the hot day on the boat.  

This munch had a couple of things going for it....... 
1) We are trying to set down roots in the new BDSM community and the best way to do that - is to attend munches (make note all you newbies out there - wanna find out what's hot and what's not in your local community ??? go to a munch!!)
2)  This munch was being held on Wolfe Island - remember the pictures yesterday - the one of the windmills??? Well that is Wolfe Island.  And I have had - for the longest time -  this fantasy about a BDSM island.  A place of refuge and peace for us "kinksters".  I was letting my imagination run wild over the thought of a just a munch on an island!!
 (trust me - it doesn't take much to get my imagination working over time!!)

So W and I went back into Kingston proper and got in line for the ferry.  We were going to leave our car on the mainland - and walk onto the ferry.  The restaurant we were heading for was a 3 minute walk from the dock.  As luck would have it (or logic really) there were already some "kinksters" in line for the ferry....... and fortunately we had met them a time or two before... so we joined the group and headed onto the ferry.  

I have to add here - that despite the fact it was now 6:00 p.m. - it was still as hot and humid and hazy as it had been all day.  The ride over on the ferry provided a very brief respite from the heat - seeing as the ferry created a breeze - a hot one - but nevertheless a breeze.

We landed on the island and images of nakes slaves in chains were rattling around in my imagination.  Unfortunately Wolfe Island is just another vanilla suburb of Kingston - and what greeted us mostly were Islanders returning from a hot days work.  

The initial buildings we saw were quaint and cute............. and piqued my "tourist" side enough to want to go back - with the car - and do a tour of the whole island.

But everyone was headed for the Island Grill - doesn't that conjure up pictures of some quaint thatched roof beach shack?? no?? well it did for me........ However this is the actual Island Grill............

By this point all I really cared about was getting into a nice air conditioned restaurant and having a tall glass of ice water.  

We walked through the restaurant - which was NOT air conditioned - and was bloody hot as the kitchen seemed to sit in the center of the building....... and out the back door to sit on their back terrace under an awning of some sort of vines.  No matter what table we sat at - we were in the direct line of the sun - the vined awning offered no shade from the merciless sun.  

Then to add to the fun of the evening - they had live music - that was loud.  So loud - you could only talk to the person directly beside you.  As luck would have it - we sat with another newbie couple - one that isn't even from Kingston - just down for a holiday........ so much for trying to put down any roots.  

The service was slow - so slow my tongue was hanging out and dragging on the ground by the time my ice water showed up.  The food was even slower getting to our table.  

I am not entirely sure what happened ............. maybe W and I being on holiday we were relaxed and ready to visit and party...... but the folks who did come out to the munch ate dinner and then seemed to start to disperse.  At first I didn't think much of it..... smoking was down on the dock and the bathrooms were in the main building..... so I kinda figured everyone was in one place or the other.  WRONG!  turns out dinner was over so folks decided to catch an early ferry back to the main land!!!!  

Honestly I did feel as though this munch was more like a group of people sharing the same table - but not sharing any common interests... (I am not sure if I am explaining this well) I do know IF I had been hosting this munch and there were some "newbies" visiting I would have made sure they knew the main group was heading back to the mainland - not just leave them sitting there.

I quickly went and found W (taking pictures of the sunset) and told him everyone had left to catch the ferry.  He seemed as surprised as I was.  We quickly gathered up our "stuff" and dashed off to the ferry where we caught up with the group - and yeah we voiced our surprise that they just up and left us.

I will say - as munches go - this one didn't leave me with warm fuzzy feelings.  But maybe when we get down to Kingston permanently - I will feel like we fit in better......... 

I hope so anyway.



  1. Sadly, morningstar readers I have to agree with her views and feelings about this munch.

    Maybe next year ( since I believe this is the last one on the island for the year ) will be much better or W/we won't be attending again since I don't enjoy hot, humid and blinding sun in My eyes.


  2. i'm gonna say sorry, cause it did wind up being a rush at the end. For myself, i needed to help bunnygurl get to her job in time. i thought it was just us leaving when everyone seemed to going. The last one there was not quite like that, but there is often a bit of a flurry at end due to needing to catch the ferry.

    Overall, this munch (which is the same one where we meet for the first time) is held in a resturant in Kingston, and the pace is different.

    i'm sorry for ditching you and Sir. i will not let that happen again.


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